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Leaving So Soon?


What I do when I SHOULD be doing homework: Links. Awesome sites. Fun quizzes. Have fun, kids.

Cool Places to Go (that I DON'T have a button for): - AWESOME site. All the HP nutcases in the world come together here to write their stories. It...makes for an interesting time reading them.
Rhiannon's Perspective - Ebony Foxfire's site! Bwahaha! I listed it! She's working on it...
Sarah McLachlan's site - She's my mentor. Not HP-related at all. I just adore her music.
Elfwood - fanart. Very cool.
Anne's site - The Quidditch Pitch - Tons of fanfic and fanart
Ron Fan Club - Need I say more?
Diagon Alley - You can read Cassie Claire's stuff here, along with a lot more, and some fanart - The official site. I'm not against the movie
The Monthly HP Fanart Contest - Need I say more?
The Sugarquill - Great fanfic site. GO THERE.

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If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Arwen, Elf, the daughter of Elrond.

In the movie, I am played by Liv Tyler.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Which tarot card are you?

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by !

find your element at <>

Check out the test!

Which House Should YOU Be In? By:Anndrea

Find your Role-Playing Stereotype at [Angel.]

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

Your magical style is Faery.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Find your Role-Playing Stereotype at [Angel.]

Which Endless are you?

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A Robin Hood, are you?

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Harry Potter: Which Hogwarts professor would you be?

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Who is your dragon spirit guide?

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What's your Inner European?

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What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?

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What element would you rein over? (For Girls)

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