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And so I begin my very long process of trying to revive this thing. Bear with me! This may take a while, but I do so want to play with this again!

Yes yes, the day of voting... don't get me started... Anywho, I've lovely news of the site's reconstruction process! The lovely Mr. Hank Azeria (now done with our family) will be doing a new show to premiere on Showtime called "HUFF" and I shall have loads of fun stuff for that, so check out the link! In other news... I'm lost without my baby... my image design program... my love... so until that I will have to improvise fun stuff, but we'll see how it works. New season and (uless they pull a weird move on us) their last, so enjoy it one and all!

Wow. An entire year of me being a lazy ass bum. I think I've established Homer qualities here. Jesus. Alright, well nothing new, nothing interesting, I just feel bad about this site. However, maybe pretty soon I might be learning my internet stuff again and maybe even attempt at Java, we'll see. If that happens, maybe I can get this site up and running again. I might even start a new one, I'm not sure yet, but stick around or something.
For now I have very little Simpsons info as I have become a slacker this season due to moving circumstances, but I swear I'll get myself caught up. In other news you all must see my Pirates! Yes you must, very good, yummy johnny. He will allegedly be starring as Willy Wonka in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think I need to make a Johnny page on this site... Good times with Johnny Depp...

First of all I want to apologize for not updating since September. Life has been really hectic lately, but I'm sorry anyway. Welcome all to the day we've been anticipating for half a year!!! That's right folks, it's November third, the day the Simpsons release their first new episode of the season (not to be confused with their season premere next week.) Happiness! And of course for the non-existant people who visit this site I have a synopsis of it! There will be two episodes tonight, keep in mind that the one at 6:30 is old. And don't miss the phenominal Simpsons Thirteenth (that's right lucky number 13) Annual Treehouse of Horror!!!

Sunday, November 3 6:30 p.m. When a cartoon animator speaks to Bart's class on career day, he decides to make an animated series of his own life. GUEST VOICE: STAN LEE
SEND IN THE CLONES - Homer gets a magic hammock that "copies" himself and makes duplicate Homers.
THE FRIGHT TO CREEP AND SCARE HARMS - Lisa fights to have guns banned in Springfield, only once Springfield complies the town is rendered defenseless against the hordes of gun-toting zombies.
THE ISLAND OF DR. HIBBERT - Dr. Hibbert has gone mad and turned visitors to his island into “manimals.”

That's it you guys! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and that you all toon into this and have a loverly day!!! EEEEEE, the excitement is more than I can bear!

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