Information on Willum
Marirtal Statis:Single
Age:19 years old
Weight:123 lbs.
Occupation:Student(soon Marine)

Color: All colors
Music: I like almost any type of music.
Friend: Amy(A.K.A. Pixy Angel, I think she is cool),
Beth and Sarah (my angels), Heather T., Heather H.,
Taresa, Angel, and Jill

Dink: Almost anything liquid
Food: I am picky but anything tasty
Book: Plato's Republic(You have to read it, it's great),
The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass by Stephen King,
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Hamlet by William

Movie: PI, Bulworth, Matrix, Belly, and Blazing Saddles,
The Brothers, A Shot in the Heart, 8 Days a Week...

Song:What I got(by Sublime), Butterfly(by Crazy Town),
Angel(by Shaggy),and Thank You(by Dido),
Brown Eyed Girl (by Van Morrison and also Weezer's verson)

Things I like:
My girlfriend(N/A), Women and girls, food, alcohol, exercise,
listening, learning, mathamatics, socializing, friends,
people who like being around me, smiles, big cute eyes,
curves, friendly people, rainy days, sunny days, milk,
feeling needed, feeling wanted, feeling that someone
cares about me, hugs(I really like hugs), talking,
being nice, helping people, almost any type of human contact

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