Sweet Willum's Poems
Untitled 1
I am here
So why fear
This is where I want to be
This is what I want to see
I am who I am
Meiker than a lamb
Stronger than steel

Untitled 2
Why can't I cry
Why can't I feel
I want to fly
I want to heal
I wounder why
I am real
Till I go to the sky
That's the deal

You can throw me down
You can push me around
You can beat me up
You can stab me in the back
You can shoot me in the head
But none of you could ever do
What she can do to me
She can make me unable to fall down
She can make me unable to be pushed around
She can make me unbeatable
She can make me stronger than steel
So I will be unable to be harmed
She is my hope, my goal, my love, my dream

Her voice
Sooths my soul
My heart beats slow
My ears only hear one thing
Her sweet voice

DEATH Death always trails behind me
It knows that I was on the edge
but my death would not be
I yerned fot him to push me off the ledge
Yet I did not want to leave