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Andrés Facundo Cristo de los Dolores Petit

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In eternal and living memory of Andrés Facundo Cristo de los Dolores Petit

alias Andrés Kimbisa or Andrés Kongo, Ascended Master and Spiritual Guide of the Kimbisa Order.

Isuè of the Bakoko Potency in the Abakuà Secret Society, NgangaNkisa, Olorisha, Freemason and Franciscan Tertiary, He was the first initiator of white people into the Abakuà   Secret Society and into the Rule of  Palo Monte. Approved by the Roman Catholic Pope Pius IX° in the year 1863, Petit's Fraternal Order, the Kimbisa Rule of the Saint Christ of the Good Journey, is today one of the most important branches of the Congo Faiths in Cuba, the New World and Europe. His Order and Rule is based upon a syncretism between the Mysteries of the various Kongos Religions, Lukumis, Espiritistas and Roman Catholics. Andrés Petit founded a Religion, the first expression of Cuba to the social, political and religious mixture of the Diaspora. He was the preserver of the african traditions in Cuba against persecutions, and He integrated  white men into the cults of the slaves, so His work has acquired a great and fundamental importance for the modern situation of the afro-cuban society and neo-african spirituality.

Be His memory and work an illuminated source of inspiration and guide.

Alabado seas Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje hasta la consumaciòn de los siglos!

Con licencia Andrés Facundo Cristo de los Dolores Petit Santo Cristo Buen Viaje.

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