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Okay get this through your head right now! Your gonna fall........... and your probably gonna hurt the first two or three times you go, but don't worry! Don't let this tiny setback keep you from the best sport on earth! I also have to cover some other thing too, like: what to wear, lifts, safety, which foot goes where, and equipment. So here we go!

What to wear?

Your gonna need flexible, waterproof, warm, and heat absorbent clothes. No heavy, bunch up seek through shit. Okay I'll give you a table of you layers....

Top half Bottom half
1st Layer undershirt nothing
2cd Layer t-shirt nothing
3rd Layer turtleneck or long sleeved shirt light pants
4th Layer sweater nothing
5th Layer vest sweats
6th Layer coat or jacket snowboarding Pants

You don't want to over do it, but you don't want to be freezing your ass off. The amount of clothing will very though, so don't be exactly dependent on this chart. Well next step.


Okay this ones gonna getcha cause it's pretty hard to get on and off em, but I think you'll survive.

Getting On
Don't be alarmed this is the easier one. To start off you have to have only 1 foot in the binding (your front one, I'll tell you about that in the last area). Then you gotto push yourself with your free foot through the line. Then when you get near the lift you need to go quicker. Wait until the chair your gonna ride on is there and then scoot out in front of it. Sit down when it swoops underneath you and hold your board up (so it doesn't drag and you don't fall off). Your done, now sit back and relax on your way up.

Getting Off
Okay this is a little bit harder, but not much. First off, make sure your at the end of the lift. Then hold your board up parallel to the ramp off. Slide you board on the snow a little and then get up. Let the chair push you the rest of the way and slide down.


BE SAFE! To be safe look at the following.......

always obey the rules keep in shape
make sure you stay on your level of intensity keep your board in shape
don't wander out of boundaries watch out for rocks, no-snow areas, ect.
be cautious of others stay alive

Which foot goes where?????

Are you goofy or regular? That means do you have your right foot forward or you left foot forward. Left foot forward is regular and right foot forward is goofy. I'm regular. To determine whether your goofy or regular you can use this test............

Have a friend stand behind you
Then have him/her shove you forward, no joke
Which ever foot went forward first to get your balance should be the one forward while snowboarding
Do it a few times before you determine that your a regular or goofy

Two other ways are which foot do you step up the stairs with first? And, Which hand do you write with? Because you control with your back foot and if your a righty you are usually a regular.


You need:
A Snowboard
Any kind of Bindings
A Leash

You can get your stuff at a local sports store, but I recommend Burton .

That's all I had to say pretty much. Good Luck!!