Things To Do At School When Bored

1. Constantly Moo or quack for no reason

2. Call everyone Bob

3. Always ask your teacher "Do you remember back in the day when we did not have…."

4. Have loud arguments with other classmates over which will win in a big war spoons or forks

5. Stare at people until they look at you, and when they do yell, "STOP LOOKING AT ME FREAK!"

6. Laugh hysterically whenever your teacher says a stupid joke and don't stop.

7. Name your pen Mr. Pen and get mad and cry whenever he commits suicide (Falls off the desk)

8. Have a big funeral for Mr. Pen.

9. Have the class join in.

10. Go up to someone of the same sex, tap on them, and when they acknowledge you Scream out "NO I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH YOU SICKO!" or "STOP TOCHING ME I AM NOT LIKE THAT!"

11. Be a stupid freshmen and whenever someone talks to you, you reply with "TIMMY"

12. Repeat your self constantly

13. Talk on and on about your favorite anime, and when someone ask what is_____(The anime) look at them like they just said all the curse words in the human vocabulary.

12. Repeat your self constantly

14. Every time the bell rings have the class pick up the desk and turn them around. (works especially well with a substitute.)

12. Repeat your self constantly (Annoying you yet?)

15. Constantly tap on your desk when ever the teacher is not looking. (Works best if you get the whole class to do it at once.)

16. Have a different mood every day.(Monday is happy day, Tues. Is tired, Wed INSANE DAY YAY! Thur sad, FRIDAY IS ALL OUT OF CONTROL DAY! )


18. Put a sign on your desk that says "Out of my mind be back soon" Then go to sleep. If your teacher wakes you up Scream CAN'T YOU READ THE SIGN? then go back to sleep.

19. (When you are taking a true false test) Whenever the answer is false stand up, grab your hair with both hands, and scream LIES ALL LIES, sit acting like nothing happend and repeat.

20. Start having fights with yourself out loud over which one of your personalitys is better. Start to cry and say "I love you both why can't we all just get along" And if you are realy insane have your personalitys hug and make up. Then have all of your personalitys gather round to sing kumbya my lord! (I suggest you do this when it is really quiet in the room it scares more people)