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Orbs at My Cousin's House
Last Update: January 11, 2001
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These photos were taken inside my cousin's house on October 14, 2000.  There is a lot of spot type lighting in the house. The  brightness and contrast of some photos were adjusted to enhance the orbs and some photos have been cropped. Faces of people have been blurred to protect the innocent.
Two orbs are visible: one at center top and the other below and to the right of it. No orbs were observed in photos taken by the man in the foreground with a silmilar type of camera.
There is an orb just above the railing by my aunt's elbow.
Here is an orb on the left above another aunt. 
Here is an orb above my uncle.
This photo has it all: one solid orb in mid-air, five "dead orbs" on the blackjack table and a flying saucer in the sky outside the window. OK, this one is a ringer.  The orbs are really golf balls and the UFO is a reflection from inside.
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