Rest in Peace
Weclome worshippers of the Dead;
Here we remeber thoese who are not amoung us anymore

even the dead know all your base are blong to us.

My bad


Real Name: Shawna

Caues of Death: Aliens

Reason: Got knocked up

Born: Late 2001 early 2002

Died: Sometime soon--or Yesterday yeah thats it.

This is the same Shawna as Andromeda I'm just killing her again because I can. That and I need to update. Well Female went off and got hitched and then later knocked up. Well she thought that she would be having a girl but it ended up being an Alien. Thats right an Alien. As in the popping outta your chest alien. And one day when she ate some of that fucked up Mexican food, it got pissed and popped out. She died a painful but fast death. Now, Shawna is a very close friend of mine and using my power I had her come back to life. Now she must stop her alien offspring from killing off all the real bad aliens (the ones that live here and can't utter a word of English).


Real Name: Jason

Caues of Death: He did a D.V.D.A. stunt

Reason: HE didn't have a V.

Born: Some day in 1998

Died: 6-9-00

He was kidnapped by Sergie and forced into the porn industry. While dressed in drag for a fetish porno he was mistaken for Olga the D.V.D.A. matron. After being drugged and tied up....the rest is on tape. hee hee hee.....


Real Name: Chad

Caues of Death: Beaten to death by ragged old bar bitch

Reason: He was "unforgiven"

Born: I don't know I think some time in 97. Like it matters!

Died: Useing the Power of Chicken...Nostradomus has predicted his death to fall upon the day Joann gets "unforgiven" on karaoke disk

He butchered Metallica one too many times...and though none of us had the balls to do it....this woman was JUST DRUNK ENOUGH!! That and he hit on her.

some one sent us up a bomb.