Rest in Peace
Members of Clinton
Weclome worshippers of the Dead;
Here we remeber thoese who are not amoung us anymore

even the dead know all your base are blong to us.

Updated 07-25-01
New to the dead are ANDROMEDA

My bad


Real Name: Shawna

Caues of Death: Speed reinactment

Reason: She whent back to the Navy

Born: Some time in 99 or 2000

Died: Summer 2001

OK there was a nice long message here talking about shawna but my computer Fu*ked up and Im not re typeing it. So heres the store in short. Shawna was a good friend Loved her to death. She left us for the NAVY. So We got are revenge on her. She was afrad to fly so she picked to leave us 2 days early and take the bus there. Well Have you seen speed? Needles to say thats what happend only this time the hero didn't get on the bus and it did go KAABOOOOM!!!. Shawna you where a good friend and will be missed.


Real Name: Jason

Caues of Death: banished

Reason: Got to dam anoying

Born: Some time in 98

Died: 4-16-2001

Mason Was by far one of the most anoying members of Clinton. Some how he has made it on D&S two times in a row. Last year he came out of one game with a -81. He some how lived after that. But know the members all agree that he has become far to anyoing to stand. So it was desided that he must die. All of Clinton's members gathered together A-Team and B-Team alike. and with shear power of will and help from Chicken. We where able to faze Mason out of are relm. With the power of all are minds we basished him into nothingness. He has never been spoken of again. One good thing did come of his death however. A and B came together and worked as one. If only for a night. That has also never again been spoken of again.


Real Name: Dan

Caues of Death: Take your pick

Reason: Turned on Clinton

Born: Long before my time

Died:Just a little bit before Jan 2001

Ravyn what can be said about him. Out side of LQ he is one of the coolest guys to hang out with. In side of LQ he is the biggest asshole known to man. Ravyn talks a lot of shit but can back it all up. So it is best to just let it go without saying anything back. Ravyns true death is still unknown to us but we have a few ideas of what happend to her I mean him (at lest I think it's a him). Here are the caueses we have come up with so far.
During our yearly traditional 'beatdown of Ravyn" photo ... We discover his Team MAD underwear and we were filled with an uncontrollable rage. Need less to say we took the beatdown a little to far.
Ravyn foolishly took his hard-guy ghetto masta act downtown and got curbstomped by some 14-year old gangstas (this is what most likely happend)
Yet another way
The weight of his ego became too much for his body to handle and crushed him like god steping on an ant.
My fav.
Ravyn was playing a game in his drunken state and was crawing up a ramp to a tower. When unknown to him Heckler in the tower used his deadly gas attack. This caued a mass amounts of qusters to run a fast as they could outa the tower. Unknow to them poor Ravyn was trampled and left for dead. How ever once the smell of the gas attack got to the ramp. He came to and tryed to get outa there as fast as he could. Unfortanly for him his hair got caught on a nail that was sticking out. He was moving so fast that all his hair was riped out off his head. The movement of this allso cauesd him to fall flat on his back. Between the trampling, haveing all the hair riped out, and the fall to the ground. He was left unable to move and just bearly alive. And the gas slowly came and took what little life was left in him. He died a very slow and painful death. I would feel sorry for him if it wasn't for the fact that he is a mad scum ass that is not worthy of my pity.


Real Name: Brian

Caues of Death: Mass amounts of toxinos in body

Reason: Turned on Clinton

Born: Long before my time

Died: Jan 2001

Heckler was a good friend of mine. Well I think he was a good friend of mine. OK he was a person I knew who was fun as hell to hang out and get drunk with. Which is why I was greaty saddend to have to play a part in his death. (OK I wasn't that sad about it.) Heckler had to die due to the fact that he turned on clinton and joined mad. He died a very painful death. Useing the power of chicken a butt plug was placed in heckler with out him knowing it. About 10 min. later as we all whent into the brefing room to hear about the game we where about to play heckler decided to do his normal trick of making us all run out of there gasping for air. Well not this time. Due to the butt plug he had a back fire. And all that gas whent into his body. Getting into his blood stream and slowly (well not that slowly) eated away at his body from the inside out. After he had died everyone whent into the game a played like nothing big happend. It took almost 100 cans of air freshner to make the smell go away. And to this day there is still a spot on the brefing room floor where he died.


The Master of Chaos

Born:1st qtr. 1995 Died: June 20th 2000

Cause of death: Suicide-Betrayal

Reason: Chose death before Dishonor

The following was writen by Eric A.K.A. Misery

Misery was the greatest persona of I. He was my friend and companion for 5 long hard years of my life. Misery was my teenage years he was I unexperienced. He was flexable, changing. He started a 13 yr. old idiot that thought he knew everything. Later he learned the truth he knew nothing. He was getting old. The I was changing and he was starting to no longer fif. Then the events of the 20th of June finshed him off. I am very sorry to see him leave. I loved him like no other. I will miss him greatly, But the I is changing the death of Misery is a tradjety but maybe it was for the best. Misery cared too much about how other people viewed him. He tried to please everyone. Even those he didn't like. Misery is gone and the Seeker is here to replace him. Hopfully it was for the best. I will miss him dearly. Farewell my friend.

The I

Eric Eugene Plantrich

Seeker of the Truth

June 21st 2000

P.S. You'll never see me fall from Grace!

OK this death just doesn't fit. So Im going to kill him again. This time I will be making the death and not him.


Born:1st qtr. 1995 Died again:03-13-01

Cause of death:Girl Scout beat:down

Reason: revenge for the B-day party

Misery like the fool he was turned his back on the members of Clinton, and joined the army. Little did he know the High prist of chickenus was going to see to it that he got just what was coming to him. 3 weeks after he finshed boot camp he was sent into action in a classified war. (and to think he wanted to be in MI) Well he got there and as the war was going on his army partners turned there back on him and left him there all alone. Now any normal human would have been dead but remeber this human was trained at LQ Clinton. Misery was able to singal handly over come the army he was facing. After winning this war he jumped on the first plane heading for Clinton.
At the same time how ever followers of chicken where rounding up all the girl scouts that misery had smashed at that last B-day party he played in. They where all given weapons, anything from bats to car bumpers.
As misery came into the center the girl scouts where let go to do there westland beat down on his candy ass. After all he whent throw to get back to clinton the members just sat back and whached having a Mikes. and after the beatdown when he was all but dead he was able to ask why. and the last thing he hurd before he died was. Thats the price you pay for leaving Clinton. (I know heckler will get a kick outa that.)


Real Name: Jason

Caues of Death: Suicide

Reason: Death before Dishonor

Born: Some day in 1998

Died: On some day in 1999

I know a lot about this don't I

Gotcha was a Pack grabing son of a bitch! OK that all I can think to say about him. His real reason of death was spermal implosion. He didn't get any for a long time and couldn't find it to release it manualy. Which resolted in death.


Real Name: Justin

Caues of Death: Killed by all Members of Clinton!

Reason: To many to name here I only have 49.4MB left for this site!

Born: Who cares?

Died: Unknown

He is eather dead all ready or as soon as one of us find him.

What can be said about Draco?? That is a hard one. Let's see, He is a chep ass mother f*#ker! There is a total of maybe 2 or 3 members he doesn't owe money to. And that may be giving him to much criedit. He most likly died in the mass of killing of loan sharks that happend not to long ago. They where all killing each other to see who would get to kill him.

He was one of the most dependable members of all. If he said he was going to be there there was no chance in hell he was there. One of his best performaces was at the 2000 NAC's regainols. Where I the Crazy one was told to train from him, And to do my best to follow his style. So this year if I make A-Team (which I'm predicted to do) I will have to get all the members of DQ (or whatever there name is) to pay my way, Show up to none of the practices, And to totaly disapeare at regainols. I don't know if I can pull it off he is a hard act to follow.

On a side note there is a $10 price on his head. If anyone can give Odien his phone # he will pay that person $10. So if he is still alive get that #!

Lion Tamer

Real Name: Chad

Caues of Death: Suicide (yet again)

Reason: Death before Dishoner (you would think they planed this out)

Born: I don't know I think some time in 97. Like it matters!

Died: NAC tryouts 2000

Lion Tamer was a good friend of mine. Unfortanly he has been replaced by this ass named Unforgiven. Lion Tamer was the kind of person who would all ways fight you till the end. Even if he knew he had no chance in hell of winning. (which happend most the time) He was a young up incoming member who was cut sort of makeing B-Team, Due to his untimely demise.

He will say that he killed him self becaues of the Dishoner shit, But that isn't how it happend. He realy killed himself becaues he could not for the life of him (letarly) get any! Thats right he could not get any loveing so he killed himself. Now known as Unforgiven he is able to go on with his so called life. Even tho he still isn't getting any.


Real Name:Phill

Caues of Death: Mass Heart Attack

Reason: The Plaque Attack (the Zapp)

Born: Before my time

Died: NAC Regionals 2000

After Degeneration Quest got fu*ked over at the 2000 NAC Regionals in Akron. There was some hard feeling (to say the lest). And just about all of DQ decied to distroy the coveited ZAPP award. This happend with out the voice of Raider being hurd. All members of DQ involed in this thought they had the intire teams support in this, And would not have done so if it was known that they didn't have the hole teams support. What can we say Shit happens! Needless to say Raider took this very hard. He had a massive heart attack the second he saw the shattered remains of the prized ZAPP. He was rushed to the nearest hospital right then and there. How ever on the way to the hospital DQ desided to make a side stop at Burger King. After that stop they rushed with the speed of Brains driveing. (which didn't help the heart attack much) He got to the hospital and there they where able to stableize him. There he stayed untill the members of DQ feeling sorry for what they have done remade the ZAPP. After seeing the new Zapp he came out of his coma. The docters say they never saw anything like this before. He made a full recovery, but unfortanly do to the mental tramia of it all, He can no longer play Laser Quest. So with this we bid farewell to one of are own. Good bye Raider and may the Power of the Chicken be with you always.

You will be missed.


Real Name:Crazy A.K.A. Bobby

Caues of Death: To Much FUN!

Reason: Marshal did him in

Born: Spring 99

Died: Spring 99

He lived a very sort life. He came to be by a joke. Odien thought it would be funny if I used the code name Urnlmonkey. So of coures me being the Crazy one I did this in the very next game I whent into. I had so much fun as Urnlmonkey that I decied to stay with it for some time. After a few games as the almighty Urnlmonkey the other Marshals had me Change my code name back. Now Urnlmonkey is not alowed to be used ever again. All the Marshals have be told not to alow that name to be keyed in. (at lest all the Clinton marshals) Urnlmonkey is not complety dead. He lives on at Montreal (if there computers worked right). He was all so able to play a few games at MAD. But its just not the same he will never be able to play at Clinton again so with that sad news he is for all major reasons dead.

It's just not Fair I tell ya.

ED Hyena

Real Name: I can't say it

Caues of Death: Mass Inturnal bleeding

Reason: Found glass that was shatterprof

Born: May 97

Died: Some time after Regionals 00

Ed was one of a kind. If he was told that something was shatterprof he would prove that it wasn't. It didn't matter if it was a window or a door he would show that it could be shatterd. Flying into the window with the speed of a racing hyena. And everytime it would shatter. Door hinges lived in fear of him. Window repair lived off him.

But sometime after regionals he disapeard. No one had any clue where he was. After some time we found out that he had died. Apperienty some one told him that the this window was shatterprof and he whent to work. He hit this window count less times. He was getting hurt every time he hit it too. Which just made him mad and hit the window again. After about 3-4 hours of this, he colaped. When he got to the hospital they told us he had disconected both his solders. And that he had creaked his head. He had massive inturnal bleeding. That there was nothing they could do. As they would fix one of the blood clotes 10 more would open up. So with that Ed died. But there is a happy side to this story. After hereing about his death The remaining members of Drunk and Stupid got together to avenge him. They found the window that had done him in. And it wasn't a window at all. It was a brick wall that had a window painted on it. So D&S thought about it and desided to shatter it anyway. So about one hour later they where back at the wall. Where they attacked it with slege hammers. After there where numeris holes in the wall they called on the power of the all mighty Chicken. Chicken came and broght with him some T&T Dinamite! We put it in the holes we made and with the power of chicken lit the dinamite. KABOOOM!! After it was all said and done we took what little was left of the wall and put it next to his grave with the words. Shatterd on it.


Real Name: John

Caues of Death: Unknown

Reason: Most likey fear

Born: Dec.4th 99

Died: Unknown

He very well could still be alive and hiding somewhere in the maze. We have no idea what happen to him. One day he was playing a game with us and running as fast as he could from us like always ,but he never came outa the game. After about 3-4 weeks we notesed that he was no longer with us we when into the maze and looked for him, but could find no trace. It is belived that he somehow got out of the maze and ran. And just keep running. No member has seen him for many moons now. If seen let us know so we can take his name and put it amoung the liveing. Tell that happens he is assumend to be dead.

I have now been told he is amoung the liveing. I'm going to leave this up tho. Becaues he will most likey disapeare again. That or get lost in the maze running from some non-members.

Capt Howdy

Real Name: Jeff

Caues of Death: Crazy's Car

Reason: Crazy ran him down

Born: After NAC's 99

Died: Before tryouts 2000

Capt Howdy was a slow fat ass. He was able to tag anyone in the frount target. Seeing as it was right at the level his gun was. He had a style all his own. Which was walking around the maze (seeing as his small fat legs will not let him run) Tagging every little girl in the maze. He was one of the best B-Day attackers. If there was a B-Day party and he could get in it he would job every single 8 year old in there. Yes it's true every player with no skill lived in fear of him. Players with skill felt nothing but pitty for him. Which led to his death. After a game he played with no one but him and 14 girl scouts Crazy could not take it any more and decided to put him out of his misery. So when he whent out to the parking lot to get a ride home he found that Crazy had already started the car and was waiting for him. He started to walk to the car and then to late discoved Crazys plan. He was now in the open! and Crazy took his car and sent the captin flying across the parking lot. It looked like a game of kick the pice of fat. Crazy final stoped hitting him. (only after he sent him flying into the target sing. Bulls Eye!) After all that Crazy whent home to fix all the dents in his car. Luckaly there where not to many of them. Seeing as Capt Howdy's fat formed the prefict buffer.

some one sent us up a bomb.