Welcome to the Adventures of the Most Holy Chicken;

Can you say ROAD TRIP!

By the Power of the Chicken.

This is no run of the mill Chicken. This is the all powerful god chicken! This story will cover some of the most resent (big) adventures of Chicken. I say Big becaues every day with Chicken is an adventure.

Regionals-Drunk and Stupid yet again.

Well this years regionals were I would have to say less intresting. But more fun. (mainly becaues of all the partying done after the games). Chicken was not haveing all that much to do with this years regionals. This year however a certen member of DQ left chicken alone and some how DQ endded up advancing. Thats right kids the didn't mess with chicken and this year they get to go to NAC's. I do belive that the moment that will be remeberd the best is when the brain whent to the gay bar with us and not only did he go there with us he danced on stage with me the crazy one and Ravyn. That will be a moment to live on for a long time. And the 2nd thing I will rember most would have to be that fu*king left you had to make to get in and out of the LQ parking lot. You think the MI left is a pain in the as$ you should drive in canada LOL.

Regionals-Assrun wait I mean Akron

This was the first ever turnament. So Chicken gave his support to the ones who saw him for the god he is. The Clinton Township B-Team, Or Drunk and Stupid. He spent most of his days there with the team working to keep there hopes up. He spent most of his nights there with B and A team partying all night long. It was at one of these partys that a member of Degeneration Quest repeatedly put chicken in the toilet. He will remain name less. The very next day the team of DQ had to replay a game where they got f*#ked over big time, But I'm sure that chicken had nothing to do with that. I mean he was mad at DQ, but would he go that far?????

During the turnament D&S did far better than they thught they would getting a total of 5 points. Plus they where able to stay in the Turnament when they where told they had been Disqualified. Now there is some power!! Thanks Chicken You saved or butt's we know now not to play two games of Euchre at once!

Montreal 5-man

Ok this was by far one of the most poorly run turniments me and Chicken have ever be to. Even the Power of the almighty Chicken could not over come this. Every thing started off good. Exsept are 5th droped out and we didn't find out till the day of (2 hours before we left). We got there fine with only one small problem. Like not being able to find the center, Or the street it's on. We got off at the wrong exit. Hay Chicken is a god, but come on you expect him to be able to make cents of canadan freeways, come on be real. That would be like a man knowning just what a woman wants. It's inposable, even women don't know what they want.

Anyway back to the story at hand. We got a 5th when we got to the turniment. So one problem down. We got everything all set up in the captions meeting. So there should be no problems right? HA boy was that ever wroung! After the first game there where all sorts of problems. The main one being that this turniment was NAC rules, And not one of the marsalls (if you can call them that) Knew NAC rules. After the members told and they downloaded the rules you would think that problem was done with. Ya right! They still had no clue how to inforece the rules. One example is the wall rule. They got inches and feet mixed up. How they did it I don't know. Now on to some of the other problems. Another one of the big problems was keying in. This is not that hard I know but some how it became very hard for them. Seeing as We had to rekeyin in three of or games. One time we had to do it after we played 5 min. of a 8 min. game! Becaues some how one team had 6 and one had 4. You would think the person putting in the names would see that one team had 4 and one had 6 do the math, And knowing that it was a 5-man turn. they would see somthing was wrong. Again asking to much. Need less to say we where ready to get the hell outa there. After are last game we knew we where not in the playoffs so we got into the Crazy car and where on are way home. Most likey 30 miles outa Montreal before the first playoff game started.

Chickens runin with the Law

Last night Dec. 15th or the 16th seeing as it was at 4:00 AM. The car that chicken was in was pulled over for running a red light. There where only two others in the car. Both members of the Temple. Me and Spot, Spot being the one driving. We ran a red light with a cop in back of us we knew he was there. We also knew we had the Power of Chicken to protect us. We where pulled over and when throw all the Bull Shit that the cops put you throw. And Due to the power of Chicken being with us, We did not get a ticket. The pig let us off. With little more than a just be careful.

Chicken Saves a Life

It was a dark and snowy night. Ok It was night and it snowed. I was on my way home from work driving at about 50 mph. In the fast lane minding my own bissness not even going HA HA at all the pep that had to drive like 30 mph becaues they don't know how to drive in the snow. When all of a sudden out of no where this Asshole pull into my lane cutting me off. I had to hit the beacks and do the fish tail thing in order to not hit him. I came about 3in. away from hitting him then 2in. away from hitting the wall. Then aother 4in. away from hitting him again before I ended up on the sholder stuck in snow. Which I was able to get out of and then pass the mother fucker up. And I most likey would have died that night or been stuck for a long ass time if it wasn't for the fact that my passenger was none other than Chicken.

More to come!!

give up make your time.
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