some one sent us up a bomb.

The Adventures of Clinton Township A Team!!

Updated 03-13-01 for NAC yet again

This part of my site I owe to Heckler for inspireing me to make it. I got this idea from his web pages Adventures of Clinton Township B Team

Here we have an intro to some of the members who are most likly going to be on A Team!


Heckler what can be said about him. Never and I mean Never trust him to do the beer run. (unless you go with him) If he has had to much to drink I.E. he's some where with alcohal. Do Not I repeat DO NOT let him go to his car to get the Dudly glasses! Well that covers outa the maze. In the maze the best way to tell your dealing with heckler is his style of smak talk. In which instead of just making fun of someone he will (most the time) keep it proffessional and make fun of all the things there doing wrong. Of course he is taking full advantage of this when doing so. He will also play the old LQ mind trik on you and make you forget to tag him. This how ever does not work that much. So he has a back up plain. Which is he will use his finshing move the fart attack! With this one move every one (unless you have a gas mask) is no longer able to fight. So look out for him! And never let him eat any beans!

Well you can forget all that shit I just said about him becaues he isn't going to be on Clinton A this year. Where will he be where all the other players that can't cut it at Clinton are thats right MAD.

Well he is thinking like a female now. He will be at Clinton again this year. Many becaues his god mad team fell apart like everyone knew it would. So if you did forget what was just read go read it again and don't forget when it says to other wise you will be in a never ending cicle.


OK Ravyn. The easiest ways to tell your dealing with Ravyn is you can't hit him, And he is allways hitting you. If you have trouble finding him in the maze look for the guy with long hair dancing like he's at a indian pow wow. If you still not sure your dealing with Ravyn just look to the left of him and there should be a guy saying where is the table. This is Heckler who is never far from Ravyn. Ravyn's best attack is the I have no idea what the name of it is. Anyway in this move he come up right on top of you and starts to hump you. If you have your back to a wall your fu*ked. For you have no where to run. When stuck in this move the best thing to do is curl into a little ball and scream for help! Out side of the maze you can not find a better guy to party with. Just watch out for any chair you may have. Especially if there is a girl all ready sitting there.

Again Ravyn being the Jackass that he is will not be at Clinton this year for mostly the same resons as his "life partner" Hecker

OK this is getting a little old. Raven is retireing "again". Yep he has started the Im retired talk again. Just like last year and probley the year before that. Even tho he is retired he will be trying out for Clinton. Same reson as his "bitch" (heckler) the mad team fell apart. So you can look forward to seeing him at NAC's playing for Clinton.


She is my all powerful goddess! All who fight her die! She is her gun! The best way to know that you are dealing with Nova is the fact that you will have no idea where you got hit from, or who hit you. Look at your fuc*ing gun it will say who tag you. You will probley see Nova's name there. Now the real question where the hell did she hit you from? The world may never know. Nova is like me in that she brings some honor into the maze. She does not cheat (at lest not on purpose). She is also in one of the most kick ass bands known to man woman and it. Yes she is a member of Hope Diamond!
There is not much else that can be said for my goddess.

I will put more on Nova here but right now I can't think of what to put.


I'll come back to him
OK Shadowhawk Do not mess with him!!!!! If you have troble telling who he is, He is the guy with the long hair in a pony tail. Who most likely put you in a head lock before the game. His fav. past time is to realy give all the new members a welcome. He pritty much just lets them practce and as soon as they think that there good, and have skill he just completly smashes them into nothing. Most are luck to get outa this with a positve score.
Well I may be wroung about this so just know that. But I see ShadowHawk as being the caption of A-team this year.


If you can hear the pigs coming then it is most likely that Brain is on the way.He is eather drinking orange crush again or he is driving. He has a driving style that seams to atracked cops. On the plus side if you ever need to get some where fast he is your man. If your in canada watch out. He is so fast there he got clocked at like 130MPH when he had his crues control set at like 50MPH. (Brain if you read this sign my guest book with the real speeds.) If your having trouble finding out who Brain is just look for the guy in the funny glasses. He always has some cool ass shades on.


Most likely to follow in the foot steps of the late Draco. Trexsis is the young one of the group. So young in fact that he is a problem. No one wants to stay back and watch his ass, When the Team goes to the bar. Besides needing a baby-sitter he is a cool guy and a good player. Hell he made A team his first year! Even tho he did get 3 god packs in a row at try outs, But he came throw for the team and pulled his own weight, when the time came. The only major problem he has is that he is most likely to follow in Dracos foot steps. Seeing as he has a big money problem. There is how ever some hope for him. As of now he trys his best to pay back the money he borrows from the other members, where draco did not.

Well he is yet another member that we have no idea what team he will be playing for. He could be going to mad. Or he could be staying with Clinton. Eather way he will most likely be on A team. He is also one of the newest marsalls at Clinton. (how that happend we will not get into.{let's just say he and Joe where in the office for a little too long}).

Well I know know that he is going to be playing for Clinton. Seeing as if he wans't to play for another team he would have to quit his new job. That and I think I said this already. The mad team fell apart. I can't imgion how that happend. (as I sit back in my chair and LMAO)

Cool Ice

Lets see what can be said about him.....Every year he has a kick ass turn. The clinton 5-man. I can't say that much about Ice. Many becaues I think I've seen him a total of one time sence reginonals. I also know that in the time to come his skill will most likey drop. Due to not being able to get any sleep at all. And one more thing about him never get him mad. He will go off like a human time bomb.

Well Ice is yet another player who will not be at Clinton this year. I don't realy now any of his resons becaues I hardly get to talk to him. So Bye Bye Ice have fun at MAD. (if thats even possable)

Well I found out the reson and it is a dam good one. Ice will not be playiong at regionals but is going to be on A-team as the alternat. So when the time comes AND IT WILL he can go and play for A-team at NAC's.


Now this guy knows how to party. He has a houes that only one person can find. So of cores to get there we have a 10 car convo every thing was going great. We got the drinks and where makeing good time. Then is happend the one person leding the 10 cars behind him notest that he had passed the street he needed to turn down. So what do we do?? We live up to DQ thats what we do. We turn down the nearst durt road and have all 10 cars turn around in some rednecks drive way! Now to talk about him in the maze When dealing with Eulogy only one game comes to mind. And that game is logans run. He some how ended up hunting me. Like that is fare I did what my name said to do and I ran. I was doing great till he found me. Then I was running full sprint trow the maze smashing and hitting every dam wall and one in my way. How ever this was not neary as fast as I should have gone. For when I stoped running he was right there. We where both out of breath and I was dead. So in short if you see him in the maze just stay there and die. No cence in running outa breath just to do the same.

Well it is unknown at lest to me if he is even going to play in NAC's this year let alone for what team.

Well I know now he is playing for Clinton. Hmm seems like everyone is playing for clinton again. Maybe where just such a good center that none of the members whant to leave.


OK Me the Crazy one. For this I'm just going to use what Heckler said about me in the Adv. of B team. I will of coues change it to go with the curent follow of things.

Crazy: As if his codename doesn't tell enough, this guy is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The easiest way to tell that you're dealing with Crazy is by listening for a LOUD quacking sound in the maze, followed by the words, "Damnit, I'm not crazy, I prefer mentally unstable....STOP TAGGING ME!!" If you hear this, congrats, you've just found Crazy. Be very careful around him, for he has a secret weapon that no other quester has....he has the Force. After years of training to be a Sith Lord, Crazy's days as a Jedi Knight were cut short when he accidentally disembowled Chewbacca while trying to twirl his light saber like a baton. So where does he go from here? You guessed it, Laser Quest. Also be careful of this nutcase, for you never know when he'll decide to do something wild like wear his underwear for 3 days straight, or drive his truck backwards through the LQ parking lot while singing Barry Manilow.....but Crazy's one weakness is his secret love of the "lovely" Ms. Marionette....sources close to me say he has a life size blow up doll of her that he worships on a nightly basis...but again, that's just a rumour.

Let see now. I now also say By the Power of Chicken, The power of Chicken is with me, and What the hell I'm getting tagged by Non-Members. I no longer have my truck but it still hold true I just going to be in my car. And last but not lest I no longer have that weakness. I still have feeling for the lovely Ms. Marionette but they no longer afect my game. There is how ever a new Member who is now my Weakness. Even tho most know who this member is I will not name that member here. So if you don't know. And if you think it;s that member your wrong it not that member it THAT member. HA HA HA HA!! Nananna Naaanannna NAnana!

Well I live up to my name. Of all the members that where on B-team last year I have the best chance of making A-team this year (or so Im told). But I have made up my mind and if I do make A-team this year. I will be droping myself to B-team. Where I will most likely take up the roll of Caption.


Well he is back from making the biggest mistake of his life. Yes thats right Vile is back from the navy and is looking to have some fun this summer. So what does he do??? He goes to Clinton. He will be on Clinton this year and partying all the way to where ever regionals are this year. Vile may have lost a step or two in the time he spent in the navy but is coming back strong.


Well Playdoh will most likely be on A-team. I would say some thing about him but I don't realy know anything about him. He is a Mad member who is coming to play at Clinton seeing as mad fell apart. You know you would think I would get tired of saying that wouldn't you.

Well thats a look at this years A-team.