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Techniques of Light

Table of Contents


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Guiding Beliefs

GROUNDING & Astral Protection

Higher Teacher Guided Visualization : How to make Contact with your Guides & Angels


Anger Releasing; The "NO" Process! & "The Fire Hydrant"

Mind Talk



Golden Circles

Golden Light Stories
Programming Energy Matrix


Breaking Contracts!!!

Universal Healing Keys

Orbits of Consciousness

Starfire Body Of Light (BOL) OBE Technique
Visual Imagery Technique For Astral Projection

Guided Expanding Meditation

Creating Space

Amazing!!! - - T.A.T.

Angelic Assistance ; in Times of Trauma...


Chaotic Times


Steps of Prosperity & Manifesting


Dousing for Geopathic Stress


Effects of Subterranean Water on the Human Body


Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)


Don Miguel Ruiz's Workshop


Journey of Souls - Lives Between Lives - Michael Newton's Lecture


Radionics & Psionics & Psychotronics


Techniques for How-to OBE Links Page
Einiyah's Favorite Links
Song of the 144,000 by J.J. Dewey



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