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WeiB Kreuz Cels

WeiB Kreuz (also spelled Weiss, it's not English, it's German; meaning White Cross) is my newest favorite. If you don't love it for the concept (four hot guys are deadly assassins by night and mild mannered florists by day), love it for the great action scenes, the hot guys, or just their sexy voices. Koyasu Takehito, my very favorite seiyuu (voice actor), does the voice for the only character so far in my WeiB collection, Fujimaya Aya.
I'm always looking for cels of Aya and my favorite Schwartz bad guy, Shuldig!
Thanks for checking out my favorite assassin!

Not the best outfit, fashion-wise...but he still manages to pull it off A very nice front shot of Aya, looking a little sad and thoughtful. I really don't know when in the series this happened. Any ideas?
Aya's got a girlfriend... Aya, handing Sakura a flower after he saved her from the paparazzi. Is that a smile I see? I think it is... Episode number five, I believe
And all I can say is...swoon! Aya, wet and angry.
You have to love him.
No clue when this happened (though I wish I did...). If you know, please e-mail me!