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Miscellaneous Cels

These are cels from series that I don't have enough from to give their own page. Maybe soon, though, who knows? ^_^ It just depends on how lucky I am with my auctions, I guess. The bad thing is, for most of the cels, I have no idea where it takes place in that anime series. If you know, please e-mail me and I'll put it up (and add a link to you, if I'm feeling generous and you have, in fact, a place to link to). In other news, there is one cel here that I'd rather not part with. It's the one of young Vash, from Trigun. Everything is indeed for sale for the right price, but the right price on this one is a tad higher than most...feel free to try your hand anyway, if you want it, the worst I can say is no!

Series Character(s)
The male equivalent of Lina Inverse! Lost Universe This is Kain. He controls the ship and has a cape fetish and fangs...definitely a relative of Lina Inverse of Slayers fame.
Drool! Yet another character voiced by Koyasu. Is it any wonder that I love him? From a flashback in one of the last episodes in Tenchi Muyo the Series (also known as Tenchi Universe). Young Yosho. He's gorgeous and sweet and voiced by Koyasu Takehito!
Ahh, Vash before he wears his trademark red coat... Trigun The rarest (and most expensive) cel in my collection. This is young Vash, Knives, and Rem. To say too much else would be to risk spoilers.
Only for sale for an obscene amount of money!