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Cel Graveyard

There comes a time in every cel collector's life when she must give up some of her treasures. The cels shown here are my beauties that had to be given to other homes for various reasons, most likely because a) I needed money desperately, or b) I just plain hate Rei. So, here are the cels I used to own. If you are now the proud owner of any of these cels and would like to be mentioned on my page, just e-mail me! And without further ado, here are my ex-cels.

Series Character(s)
Kawaii (and half undressed)! Fushigi Yuugi Tasuki, from sometime near the end of the second OAV (Fifth episode?)
She has blue hair and rides a paddle...that's just cool Yuu Yuu Hakusho My favorite female character in the series, Botan. She rides a paddle and escorts the dead across the River Styx...just watch the series
I shall refrain from comment... Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Reproduction Cel
Rei, displaying her typical lack of emotion, and some random classmates
Aww, how cute, she's injured... Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Reproduction Cel
Shinji and a very beat-up Rei
Megumi voices a robot. And no, it's not Saber Marionette J! Lost Universe This is Canal, the ship. It actually makes sense. Really.