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Fushigi Yuugi Cels

Ahh, Fushigi Yuugi. One of my very favorite anime series, and not just for its vast array of drool-inducing bishonen. At the moment, I only have cels of my favorite character, Tasuki. I'm always on the lookout for more (especially Kouji, Tasuki's bandit buddy), but usually the ones I like turn out to by way over my price range. Anyway...the only two cels here that would prove extremely difficult to get me to give up are the purple eyed Tasuki from the OAV, and the one of him showing his fangs. But feel free to send offers anyway! You never know, maybe you'll catch me in a super-generous mood...
Thanks for checking out my boy!

Run, Tasuki, Run! (I couldn't resist...) Taka is leaving and Tasuki's running after him, calling out "Tamaa!" Last episode of the second OAV
Thanks to aerith_27 for the info!
Super-deformed Tasuki! Wai! Tasuki, shaking Boushin (who's possessed by Hotohori, no less), in an effort to help Taka. Third episode of the second OAV, I believe
Wow, with the pic this size, his nose rivals Allen's (from Escaflowne)... A very nice profile of Tasuki-sama! He's just about to sneak into Nuriko's house, to try and get Taka's memory ball. Sometime in the second OAV...third or fourth episode.
Thanks to Jenny for the info!!
You know what they say about men who carry huge iron fans...(umm, they have strong arm muscles?) The almighty Tessen (his iron fan), and a teeny bit of Tasuki in the background. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my five dollar Tasuki cel! (We love you, Anime Gambit!) Once again, no clue when this is from
Make sure you notice his eyes. They are indeed a different color. "Evil" Tasuki. For fear of spoilers, I shall say no more.
Only for sale for an obscene amount of money!
Fourth episode of the second OAV, I think
All hail the fangs! Ooo, the sharpness... My favorite Tasuki cel so far. You just have to love the fangs. By the way, that's Miaka's head in the bottom of the cel. It's the scene right after he saves her...
Only for sale for an obscene amount of money!
From the first episode of the second OAV