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Neon Genesis Evangelion Reproduction Cels

I was incredibly lucky, and found a place that sold me the complete set of the Cellu Club Eva reproduction cels. Since real cels from this series are impossible to find (the ones you do find are either stolen, super expensive, or both), I was pretty happy to get this set. However, since I'm an adamant Rei hater, I already sold off the two cels that were of just her. There are two more cels with her in them, if anyone's interested. The other ten are below, in the order they are in the set.
Thanks for checking them out!

Hurray for redheads! Asuka, everyone's favorite redhead
bonding? trying not to kill each other? who knows? Asuka and the Class President, Hikari (thanks to Misha-chan for the info!)
Hurray for non-main characters! Ibuki Maya, organizer and friend of the Koyasu Takehito character
He's such a wonderful pimp... Kaji! Just Kaji! Woohoo! (Can you tell I like him? ^_^ )
Ahh, the manic depressive boy and his love, how sweet Shinji and Asuka in the background
I have nothing to add to this Shinji, Toji (the one who's crying), and the guy who's always taking pictures, Kensuke.
Thanks again to Misha-chan for telling me his name!
Random note: her beer changes brands, then changes back! Misato and her trademark can of beer
I like him, though sometimes I question his taste in women (*cough* Rei *cough*) Gendo. He's just The Man.