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Saturday, 15 July 2006
Israel and Lebanon gone too far this time
Mood:  down
Topic: War news
I am so sick of all the troubles in the Middle East. Now this war between Lebanon and Israel. God save us all from our stupidity! I opposed the war in Iraq because I knew it would play a destablizing roll in the Middle East.
My point is that now every country can justify war as their right to strike first and ask questions later. America set a poor example to nations around the world.
You do not invade a nation that did not attack you. Even if you suspect they might be up to something you do not attack.
So now we have record high gas prices and an reeling economy. We are on the brink of a huge war in the Middle East involving Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other nations. The whole region is at risk because of our foolish rash invasion of Iraq.
Diplomacy this time will not work because no one will listen to us anymore. We are not to be trusted as a fair brocker for peace talks.
Ohh god I wish we had a democratic and fair election back in 2000!
Thank god I have a bike, I do not have to worry about spending over six dollars a gallon of gas! Only problem is that I would be unable to afford common household goods, food and toilet paper when they decide to jake the price up beyond my economic means.
Be perpared to eat lots of beans and rice!

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 4:42 PM YDT
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