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Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Mood:  sad
Topic: Politics
George Bush needs to go!
We have the worse regime ever installed in the whitehouse. The war in Iraq is a scam. So where is the weapons of mass distruction shrub been harping about for years?
The fatherland insecurity act makes us less free and the economy is in a depressionary decline.
Bush and his gang hate workers unions and he wants to gut SSI and privatize it.
Bushes ownership society is a joke. If you have no money then how in the hell can you own any property? We are treated even worse than wage slaves. Ownership perhaps only for the super wealthy.
I see the cost of property so sky high it just makes my blood boil.
America is a plutocracy. I voted. Shame on those who did not care and did not vote. We are stuck with a smirking chimp for at least three more miserable years while America heads right into the toilet.

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 2:56 PM YDT
Updated: Tuesday, 17 May 2005 10:12 PM YDT
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Tuesday, 10 May 2005
Left green dissent
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Politics
We heard it all before. Left wingers are "commies" and other such insults throw our way by the ultra religious
right of this country.
I deplore communism because the system under communism restricts religous expression. We even tolorate the far ultra right Christians in this country. In communist countries they would be locked up for their views.
I personally cannot stand bible thumpers. It is their personal choice though and we cannot force them to stop. We can however tell them to knock it off and to leave me alone. We don't have to take abuse by the righties either.
We cannot change them so let us deal with our own selves first. Change must come within. If we are willing to stand up to what we believe we must stop being soft and start speaking up.
If we do not speak up the far right will take all freedom away and install a plutacracy taking the rights away of those from other religions and those who have none.
If we plan to be a country that cares about unity, we must stop forcing god onto those who don't want god. We must preserve the seperation of church and state for a reason.
Politics and religion don't mix! Look at Iran, a total theocracy. Do we want America under a Christian theocracy? NO!
The far right has such a choke hold on politics in America it is not even funny. They are the minority. Most people are more middle of the roaders. How could the far right gain so much power? They use big corporate money and influence to gain power.
Money=power in America. If you don't have money you have very little if no political power. That sums it up. Communism, theocracy although on the extreme ends are bad ways to run things.
A plutacracy is another thing we need to be aware of. The multi-national corporations very much want to see America under an economic plutacracy ran by the super wealthy elite. They are cluse to sucess here.
As you can see you need a lot of money to run for persident.
We need some left minded dissent. Speak up. It is time we stop kidding ourselves. There are many threats to freedom. Political extremism on the far left or right is one such threat.

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 3:39 PM YDT
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