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Thursday, 30 March 2006
Staying active in Lakeview politics
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Lakeview, Oregon
Ahh I am going to do something to bug people from Lakeview, Oregon. I am going to keep the media spotlight on the prison.
The far right wing had far too much attention in Lake county for far too long. Now it is time for us progressives to speak out.
For all you people who can't sand us "outsiders" get used to all those prisoner types running around breaking into things and causing trouble.
I was always treated like an outsider because I never went to their churches, was born and raised there or kissed the right kind of political tush.

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 10:08 PM YST
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Sunday, 8 May 2005

Mood:  down
Now Playing: We gotta get out of this place!
Topic: Lakeview, Oregon
Packing up and moving on! No more downer days. I am going to get married to Sharie soon. She lives in Springfield, Oregon. What a wonderful day that will be. But as long as I am here I am in a downer mood.
Theocracy, Look it up.

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 12:13 AM YDT
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Saturday, 7 May 2005
Returning to desolation
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Lakeview, Oregon
I returned here to Lakeview, Oregon to help my brother pack up his belongings and move back near Eugene/Springfield area.
Lakeview is not a fun place if you are liberal minded. It is very hard to make it in cowboy land. Either you keep your mouth shut and be quiet about your political views or you risk alienation.
Long hair here is considered taboo. You have to conform to the churches guidlines or you will be deemed and outcast.
Life is harsh here. But I flurish and I grow no matter how others judge me. I do not judge them. I love everyone, but I hate the nagitive behavior going on around here.
I honestly feel Lakeview deserves better than what it is getting. It is getting the short end of the stick economically.
The town is dying because the people forgot how to care for eachother in a loving non-judgemental way.
Small towns in Eastern Oregon are not doing well because of many reasons. Some of the problems stem from the fact that many mills shut down. The decline of the timber industry coupled with the down turn in the markets and lack of forsight in city planning caused an exodus of people to the big cities.
Attempts are being made to save a Lakeview but I believe it is too little and too late. Perhaps there is a chance but it will have to come at a grassroots level that will include everyone who lives in the area.

Posted by weird/intothevortex at 11:59 PM YDT
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