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Best book reviews

Best books!

This is for those books I think are above and beyond and deserve an award!

1.James Redfield/The secret of Shambhala/Warner Books/1999/238 pgs. This book is a great adventure of realization and intuition. The story teaches us if we believe in ourselves that anything can happen and that we as human beings can transform to a higher state of being.
Secret of Shambhala

2.Art Bell/The Art of Talk/1998/Paper Chase Press. Art Bell is well known for his paranormal talk radio show Coast to Coast A.M. This book goes into his private life and shares us what goes on in the background. He is a very private person and a great personality.
Art Bell. Radio talk dot org

3.Odell Borg/Introduction to the Native American style flute/Highspirits/24 pgs. This instructional manual was a real boost to me as a flute player. I been playing the flute for relaxation and also proffesionally as Manypathways. Odell Borg flutes are a gift for all us to learn and to share.
Highspirits; Odell Borg, flute maker and musican

4.Black elk speaks/John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow)/University of Nebraska Press/1979/299 pgs. Black elk's teachings will inspire and change your view of the world. His book is well put together and a real page turner.
Black elk speaks

5.Return of the Raven: The Edison Chiloquin Story/Video/An independent video production/47-minutes. This story follows the life of Edison Chiloquin and his struggle to regain his right to the land he grew up on and belongs to his people.
Return of the Raven

6.Flora Gregg Iliff/People of the blue water/Harper & brothers publishing/1954/271 pgs. This shows the reality of what life was like on the reservation back in the 1900's. This is a lession of how bording schools effected indian life on the reservations.
People of the Blue water, University of Arizona press

7. Robert Jordan/The great hunt/A tom Doherty book/1991/705 pgs/Book two of the wheel of time/ISBN 0-812-51772-5 This book is a great book.The only problem is Robert Jordan repeats the theme repeatedly and it becomes kind of dry. The story is still rich and full of life. The Horn of valere is stolen by darkfriends and Rand and his friends must hunt down the horn before the father of lies or his dark spawn blow the horn and bring back the heros of legends back to fight for the darkside in the last battle. I give this a grade A for effort.
Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time

8. Frank K. Walsh/Indian battles along the Rogue River/TE-CUM-TOM Publications/1972/28 pgs/ISBN unknown. This booklet is about the tragic Rogue River Indian war of 1855-56. This bloody war was one of the bloodiest Indian wars in Oregon. Both sides of this conflict fought fierce battles that cost countless lives.
Books about the Rogue River

9.Cadet Hugh Wilson JR/The causes and significance of the Modoc war/Guide printing Co//1953/28 pgs. The Modoc war was an Indian war fought on Indian terms. The lava beds where used as a battleground by the crafty Modoc Indians. They hid in caves and launched raids against settlers and the calvery. This Indian war was the most costly both in lives and money and both sides suffered greatly in this conflict that could of been avoided.
More about the Modoc Indians and the Modoc war from an Indian prospective

10.Paul Radin/Crashing Thunder/University of Nebraska Press/215 pgs/ISBN 0-8032-3867-3 and ISBN 0-8032-8910-3. This book is about Crashing Thunder. A Winebego Indian. His life story and the reality he faced and the trails and tribulations of his life.

11.Harry V. Sproull/Modoc War 1872-1873/1969. This booklet gives more data on the very tragic Modoc war. Another side note is that around this time the Ghost dance was spreading.
More about the Modoc Indians

12.Mercedes Lacke/Allen Guon/Wing commander: Freedom flight/1992/275 pgs/ISBN # 0-671-72145-3. This book is a solid grade B. Hunter the hero and his misfit friends save the day in this adventure space war book.
Wing Commander: Freedom Flight

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