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Paranormalvortex promotional
In an effort to gain more members to Paranormalvortex we are setting up a promotional site. Our first goal is to get 100 members and if we get to that level we will open up our first Chat Club, Remember chat clubs are not chatrooms, A chat club is a place where people meet in person and dicuss the topics of the group. We are asking everyone who is into the paranormal topics to please sign up to this e group and post your ideas to the group.

Our group needs your support and we are going to open a Paranormal research webpage to assist us in our studies of the paranormal. I urge all current members to hellp promote this group by inviting a buddy. We need YOU and we will do our best to promote a safe family e group for paranormal minds.

Our goals is to gain attention to many paranormal topics. We have views that the mainstream media will not attempt to talk about so we must bring together like minded people to dicuss the truth and to challenge the mainstream by questioning everything. For every small step we make the closer to the truth we get. We must work together to bring the flashlight of truth in deep dark areas of study, that the mainstream will never touch. Our challenge is to survive and gain populer support in our communities.

Paranormalvortex chatclub

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