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Native Spirit Irc Network

Native Spirit IRC Network

seventhunders IRC for chatroom seventhunders at Chat founder, Intothevortex. Status; Room is currently open!
Native Pride IRC for American-Indians at Room is open. Owner of IRC is RK. Owner of chatroom? Not sure.
Native Spirit Irc Network IRC. Owner, Jon Miler. This is for advanced chatting experiance!

Native Spirit IRC Network

This is our update page. webtv users just click on link to go to chat. computer users I will be making a page just for you! If you are new to chat I will be launching a new chatroom soon just for you!

IRC status; All IRC's are functional. Listing two IRC's on the network. Room seventhunders is on and the owner is Jon Miler. He is the webmaster of this site.

Notice Native Spirit Irc Network currently is NOT a chatserver. Future plans are to run a native based Chatnetwork. This IRC reserves the right to add and delete IRC's. If you wish to add your IRC, contact me at

email Intothevortex

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