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Welcome to my musicpage. Here is a list of music tapes/CDs I have listened to with a report card on it as well. Please come back and visit again!

Music, tapes and Cd's I listen to

1.Tokeya Inajin (Kevin Locke)/Dream Catcher/Earthbeat world music/1992./Tape Relaxing Native American flute music with wonderful natural background sounds create a great effect on the listener. I give this a great A+
2.Blacklodge singers/Tribute to the elders. A very great drum with class. I suggest this tape/CD for the powwow fans out there! Much respect for the elders in these beautiful songs! I give this a solid A!
3. Northern Cree/Canyon Records/2002/Rockin' the rez. This is one drum group to keep you ROCKIN'! The drum is like thunder with healing music that sooths fried nerves and strained thoughts. THIS IS an A++!