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From:"Lynda" | Date:Thu, 5 Dec 2002 00:04:03 -0600

Hello Vortex ..

I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your web site. I've long had a love affair with EA-rths ancient History. I've studied many Myths and legends. Native American and ones from all around the world.

I was wondering if you had ever given any thought to the way 'word play' has provided us with clues to our past.. and possibly our future. I read many theories on this and began to think about words in our English Language. If we are indeed seeded from Alien races such as the Annunaki, wouldn't they leave clues? I think they have. Look at words naming our Cities and Military installations. Our Nations capitol Washington DC is protected by 'AN-nappolois' or the City of AN (ANU).. Then we have Nellis AFB (home of some pretty scary UFO theories).. move those letters around and what do you have? Enlil (plural) .. The USA is full of examples, we are A_MERI_C_ANS .. from the 'bloodline' of AN. Other examples of words would be..

Mont (mount) ANA ARK-AN-sas AN-gels (AN's Messengers) Nun (from An-NUN-aki ARI-Zona -Ayrian Zone Colo-RA-do (RA is another name for EA) Genesis- Gene-Isis Cherokee = Chi rook key = key to the rookery nest of birds-chi or charge or life force

If you want to see a different 'Take' on the Word America.. follow this link. Very eye opening.

Again Vortex, I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your site. It was very enlightening. Thank You, Susoni Some links you might enjoy:

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