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Mistyc Knight's Hall

Knight's Hall

Welcome to the restored Knights hall. I want to thank Mistycah for her help in my spiritual journey. Her work will not go un noticed. I extend my deepest thanks to her and to the Mistyc House Of Healing

Mistych House Of Healing

imgWhat in the Hal is going on? Love light and the HAL way!

Who is Laura Lee Mysticah? Laura Lee is an author, cutting edge healing instructor, psychic consultant, professional Ghostbuster and a humor advocate, She is a hopeless romantic and she wants to bring forth the modern day knight! Laura helped inspire this webpage by helping me express the way of the modern day knight. This page is dedicated to advocating honor, humor, peace, and healing in the tradition of the modern day knight. A brave knight honors the female and respects and loves her with all his heart. A knight walks between the spirit world and the "real" world always in a sacred way. Let us bring forth that honor that we have seemed to stray away from. Bring back courage, love and compassion. We are the Knights of Mystic house and we honor our world and eachother! More updates to come! *** The code stone, stone of truth, truth stone and stone of honor is just a few of the words to sum up what the Aurauralite stones do. These stones are not of this world. Trust me I used these wonderful stones in spiritual work and they do wonders to cleansing, healing and truth testing. Truth testing is finding out if you and others are telling the truth. If you are not doing this the stones of truth let you know in a big way! There is nothing you can get away with and the stones see right through your mask and see right into your heart. Laura Lee's website talks a great deal about these stones and I suggest you give them a try. I was a skeptic until I tried them out and wow!! The results are amazing and the stones will never do anything that is immoral or harmful. So don't think you can pull a fast one and do black magik with these truth stones! These stones only work in the light of truth, honor and love!

Knights of the round table

First Wave Idigos by Laura Lee Mysticah

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