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Arts and crafts section

Craft links

Crafters Market, Southern Oregon's place to go for crafts!
Farmers markets of Oregon, Support our local farmers and crafters!
Addicted to arts and crafts!
Sisters crafts, Crafts for you!
Scrapbook making. How to.

Craft books

Welcome to my crafts section. Here is where I add my experiances with making craft items. I will be adding a lot more as I get more projects underway I will list all craftbooks I have read here as well for all those who want to know what I am attempting to learn. I want to become a Professional Crafter and I will do my very best to learn new skills. I will also share pictures of my craft items for all to look at. I currently cannot sell anything on this webpage but I will set it up so you can go to a site that I do sell my products :-)

Myriad Mountains Soaps
Fine handcrafted soaps from the pacific Northwest. My mom founded this company to bring homemade soaps to the people. Gift baskets and more are sold on this site, including my own line of craft items;
Myriad Mountains soaps and more

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