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Webmaster comments

Here is where I make comments about my website and updates on future projects.

Jan/21/03: Just opened my webmaster comments page. I am getting sick and tired of all that junk email you get on yahoo email account. I got at least 100 email in my bulk folder. It should all go to the trash bin. I have no time to read junk ads!

Feb/3/03: I finished a great book by John G. Griffiths called Afganistan a history of conflict. Afghanistan is a conflict riddled nation hopelessly spiraling out of control. I personally feel that we must be watchful on this conflict that America is involved with. The afghans fight amongst themselves but will turn against invasion from another country very fast. It is a very complex issue and we must be aware that this conflict has been simmering for a longtime there and this is nothing new for the people of Afganistan.

Feb/18/03: It was a rough day today. Lakeview lost the Girls basketball game. As usual the refs call it for the visitors 90% of the time. So we never have a fair chance to win the game. Also other news, I oppose the construction of the Warner Creep Prison. Why does our city council support this so much? I don't understand why! I will never get a job from the ODOC anyway! So you know how I feel about this. Only a select few will make money while the rest of us suffer. NEWS! I will be setting up a new page called Native American Flute soon! I will let you know when I do this.

April/22/03: I have been involved with the peace vigil movement for some time now. I feel that peace is earned, not given out on a silver platter. Today was like any other day here in Lakeview. The lack of cultural events is a real drain. The idea of a prison being built here is even less appealing to me. It seems like a lot of the people here in town see what is going on but can not do anything to turn the tide of pro prison and big corporate takeover plans for this community. It a shame we have to put up with such narrow minded thinking but that is small town America for you. You either trade in for big city traffic, crime and snobbery or you suffer small town ignorance, lack of culture and no work. The way things are in small town America will not change for a very longtime. I am very pleased to see that the peace movement has arrived in small towns this might be a marker of possible change but I don't hold my breath on this.