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Suggested books page 2
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Suggested books page 2

101.Jarold Ramsey/Coyote was going there/University of Washington Press/1977/294 pgs
102.Alvin M. Josephy, Jr/RED POWER/American heritage press/1971/259 pgs
103.Billy McCay/STARGATE: Rebellion/Penguin Books/1994/298
104.Carrol B. Howe/Ancient tribes of the Klamath country/Binford & mort publishers/1968/252 pgs
105.Barbara Kingsolver/The bean trees/HarperCollins Publishers Inc/1988/232 pgs
106.Barbara Kingsolver/Pigs in heaven/HarperPerennial/1993/343 pgs
107.John Berutti/Dreams don't make noise when they die/The blue oak press/1978/117 pgs/***Poetry
108.Black elk speaks/John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow)/University of Nebraska Press/1979/299 pgs
109.John Berutti/Wise men and fools/1990/98 pgs/***Poetry
110.Loren Cruden/Coyote's council fire/Destiny Books/1995/164 pgs
111.Arthur C. Clarke/Exepidition Earth/A Del Rey Book/1953/165 pgs/***Poetry
112.Emily Dickinson poems, edited by Johnanna Brownell/Emily Dickison poems/Castle Books/2002/224 pgs/***Poetry
113.Oregon State Exension Service/Nutritive values of native foods of the Warm Springs Indians/1980/23 pgs
114.Arthur C. Clarke/The wind from the sun/A Signet Book/1973/168 pgs
115.Carol Severance/Storm caller/A Del Rey Book/1993/227 pgs
116.Dale Carnegie/How to win friends & influence people/Simon and Shuster/1981/299 pgs
117.Pamela Stanley-Millner/Authentic American indian beadwork and how to do it/unknown/48 pgs
118.Rod Serling/The outer space connection/Video Domensions/94 minutes/video tape
119.Norma Coney/The complete soapmaker/Sterling publishing Co., Inc/1996/128 pgs
120.Crouching tinger: Hidden dragon/Columbia Tristar entertainment/120 minutes/video tape
121.Lorenzo Carcaterra/Street boys/A balantine book/2002/326 pgs
122.Alan Landsburg/In search of/Everest house publishers/1978/273 pgs
123.Battlefield Earth/Warnar Brothers/118 minutes/Video tape
124.Lakota woman, Siege at wounded knee/Turner home entertainment/118 minutes/video tape
125.Everest/A Mcgillivary Freeman flim/45 minutes/video tape
126.Kundun/Touchstone home video/135 minutes/video tape
127.Sylvia Browne/Adventures of a psychic/Hay house/1998/249 pgs
128.Titan A.E/20th century fox/95 minutes/video tape
129.John G. Griffiths/Afghanistan; A history of conflict/Carlton books/2001/272 pgs
130.The Ewok Adventure/Lucus films/One hour 36 minutes/video
131.Will Rodges Presents: Stories of American Indian culture; The other way to listen/20 minutes/video
132.Star Wars Episode 1: The phantom menace/Lucas Films/133 minutes/Video
133.Odell Borg/Introduction to the Native American style flute/Highspirits/24 pgs
134.Barosio Guido/Morrocco/MetroBooks/2001/133 pgs
135.Nighbreaker/Turner home entertainment/99 minutes/Video
136.Ring Of Fire/Slingshot/40 minutes/video
137.Beppe Ceccato/Rome/Barnes and Noble books/1998/135 pgs
138.Sonya Newland/Ireland/Barnes and Nobal books/2002/199 pgs
139.Jim Hill, Rand Cheadle/The bible tells me so: Uses and abuses of holy scripture/Anchor Books, Doubleday/New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Auckland/1996/155 pgs
140.Sandra Millner/The dream lives on: Martin Luther King/Metrobooks/1999/120 pgs
141.The bill of rights and beyond/The commission on the bicentennial of the United States constitution/1791-1991/106 pgs
142.Editod by Claybone Carson/The autobiogaphy of Martin Luther King J.R/Warner Books/400 pgs
143.Nat Hentoff/Free speech for me but not for thee/Harper Callins Publishers/1992/405 pgs
144.Mari Sandoz/Story catcher/University of Nebraska press/1963/175 pgs
145.Matthew Reilly/Area 7/St Martin press/2003/507 pgs
146.Return of the Raven: The Edison Chiloquin Story/Video/An independent video production/47-minutes
147.John Daniel/Common ground/Confluence press/1988/62 pgs
148.The Oregon story: Rural voices (Lakeview)/Oregon public broadcasting/Video tape
149.Winds of change: A matter of promises/Wisconsin educational communications and board of regents UW/1990/60 minutes/Video tape
150.The sun dagger/60 minutes/Video tape
151.Seasons of the Navajo/Peace river films and PBS/60 minutes/Video tape
152.James Redfield/The secret of Shambhala/Warner Books/1999/238 pgs
153.Robert Jordan/The eye of the world/A tom Doherty Associaties book/1990/670 pgs/Book one of the wheel of time
154.Robert Jordan/The great hunt/A tom Doherty book/1991/705 pgs/Book two of the wheel of time

Note ***poetry means poetry book

Special reading list author Kenneth W. Behredt. Please read his book: Kenneth W. Behrendt; The physics of the paranormal