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Suggested books

Here is a list of books I have read. Please pick them up at your local library or book store. Reading is a must to help open the mind. With greatness comes great responsibilities, do not waste a good mind, READ!

1.Art Bell/The Art of Talk/1998/Paper Chase Press
2.David F. Bischoff/Tin Woodman/Ace Books/Feb 1982
3.Jacques and Janine Vallee/Challenge to Science; The UFO Enigma
4.Whitley Strieber/Transformation/Avon Books/1989
5.Frank Herbert/Dune/Berkley Books/1977
6.Art Bell/The Quickening/Paper Chase press
7.Marry Summerain/Dreamwalker
8.Marry Summerain/Soul Sounds
9.Morgan Llywelyn/Elementals
10.Starhawk/The Fifth Sacred Thing
11.Farley Mowat/Never Cry Wolf
12.Richard Noone/5/5/2000
13.Arthur C. Clarke/Childhood's End
14.Marry Summerain/Spirit Song
15.Steven Spielberg/Close Encounters of the Third Kind
16.Gordon R. Dickson/The star road/1974/Daw SF books
17.Graig Sargent/The War Weapons/Oct-1987//Populer Library, and imprint of Warner Books.
18.John G. Fuller/Incident at Exeter/Jan-1967/Berkley Books
19.Whitley Strieber and James Kunetkov/Natures end/1986/Worner Books.
20.Lynn Gross an David E. Reese/Radio production worktext/1990/Butterworth Publisher.
21.Peter Booksmith/UFO the complete sightings.
22.James Blish/Welcome to mars
23.Caral Sagon/The cosmic connecton
24.Robert A. Helnien/Starship Troopers
25.Alen Dean Foster/The last star fighter
26.Walter collins O'Kane/The Hopis.
27.Diane Carey/Star trek deep space nine, The Search
28.Ursula K. Leguin/Always coming home/1985/Bantam Books/562 pages.
29.Larry Niven, Greg Bear, Sm Stirig. Jerry Pournelle/The best of all possible wars
30.Ray Bradbury/Martain chranicles
Red Holzman/Holzman's basketball, winning strategy and tactics.
31.Lishka De. Ross/How to be a professional waiter or waiterss.
32.Arthur C. Clarke/Roma
33.Arthur C. Clarke/Roma 2
34.Danion Brinkly/Saved by the light
35.Timathy Zahn/Conquers Haritage/Bantam books/1995/360 pgs.
36.Ursula K. LeGuin/The Telling/Harcourt INC/2000/264 pgs.
37.Steven Carter and Julia Sokal/HE'S SCARED SHE'S SCARED/MJF Books/1993/pg 331.
38.Ursula K. leGuin/The winds twelve quaters/Harper Paperbacks/1975/pgs 383
39.Timothy Zahn/Conquerors Pride/Bantam books/sep 1994/389 pgs.
40.N. Scott Monmanday/House made of dawn/Harper & Row/1966/212 pgs
41.DK Direct Limited Senior editor; Richard Williams/UFO; THE CONTINUING ENIGMA/Readers Digest/1991/141 pgs.
42.Eberhand Zangger/The floods from Heaven/William and Morrow and company INC./1992/pgs 256.
43.Editor:Richard Cavendish/Man myth and magic/Vol.1/BPC Publishing/1970/156 pgs.
44.Usula K. LeGuin/The Tombs Of Atuan/Bantam books/1971/146 pages.
45.Amy Tan/The Hundred Secret Scenses/G.P Putnam's sons//1995/385 pgs.
46.Bill Adler, Jr/The Literary Agent's Guide To Getting Published/Claren Books/1999/242 pgs.
47.Jane Kirkpatrick/A Burden Shared/Multnomah Publishers INC/1998/128 pgs.
48.Susan Michaels/Sightings:Ufo's/Fireside books Simon & Schuster/255 pgs.
49.David Brin/Uplift war/Bantam books/1987/638 pgs.
50.David Brin/Startide Rising/Bantam books/Sept 1983/461 pgs
51.Sebastian JungerThe Perfect Storm/Norton & Company Ltd/1997/227 pgs
52.Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose/Shrub/Vintage Books/193 pgs
53.William R. Forstchen William H. Keith/Wing Commander; False Colors/Baen Books/470 pgs
54.Bernard S. Mason/Dances And Stories Of The American Indian/A.S Barnes and company/1944/269 pgs
55.Keith R.A DeCANDIDO/Star Trek: Diplomatic Implausibility/Pocket Books/2001/248 pgs
56.Ruth Underhill/The northern Paiute Indians of California and Nevada/AMS press/Reprint 1941/78 pgs
57.Rrich Fromm/The art of loving/Bantam books/118 pgs
58.Dean Walley/A world to share/Hallmark Crown editons
59.Gerald I. Nierenberg/The art of creative thinking/Barnes & Noble books/1998/240 pgs
60.Aldous Huxley/Brave New World/Harper Press/311 pgs
61.Lynn V. Andrews/Medicine Woman/HarperCollins Publisher/1983/204 pgs
62.Ursula K. Le Guin/Other Wind/Harcourt/2001/246 pgs
63.Flora Gregg Iliff/People of the blue water/Harper & brothers publishing/1954/271 pgs
64.Booklet made by Edison and Leatha Chiloquin/Return of the raven/48 pgs
65.Micheal Armstrong/Agviq/Populer Library/1990/275 pgs
66.Joan Arrivee Wagenblast/Flora's song/The optimist printers/1993/22 pgs
67.Micheal Dorris/Native Americans 500 years later/Thomas Y. Crowell Company/331 pgs
68.William Albert Alland/Chief Joseph/National Geographic artical/March 1977 artical/pgs 409-434
69.Famous Indians/47 pgs/Created by the Department Of Interior/U.S government printing office 1966
70.Matthew W. Stirling/Indians of the western plains/National Geographic artical/July 1944/pgs 73-108
71.Chris Mullin/Brian Coleman/DK publishing/1995/45 pgs
72.Converse: BASKETBALL How to play like a pro/John Wiley and sons INC/1996/90
73.G. Bruce Knecht/The Proving Ground/little, Brown and company/2001/295 pgs
74.Authur Prager|Emily Prager/World war 2 Resistance stories/Laurel Leaf Books/1979/90 pgs
75.Melvin R. Adams/Netting the sun/Washington State University Press/2001/143 pgs
76.A book on tape by George lucas read by Tony Roberts/Classic star wars A new hope/Time Warner/1994
77.A book on tape by Michael Crichton read by John Head/Random house audio publishing/1990
78.A book on tape by Homer read by Anthony Quayle/The Iliad/1973
79.A Book on tape by Micheal A. Stackpole read by Anthony Heald/Star wars the new jedi order dark tide 1/2000/Random house audio publishing
80.Linda Hogan/The woman who watches the world/2001/W W Norton publishing.
81.A book on tape by His Holiness the Dalai Lama read by Losang Gyatso/Live in a better way/2001/Simon & Schuster Audio
82.Ruth M. Underhill/The Navajos/1956/University Of Oklahoma Press/297 pgs
83.Jay Silverman/Rules of thumb; A guide for writers/McGraw-Hill Publishing Company/1990/132 pgs
84.W.Ben Hunt and J.F. Buck Burshears/American Indian Beadwork/The Bruce Publishing Company/1951/63 pgs
85.Carolyn Niethammer/Daughters of the Earth/281 pgs
86.Michael Jan Friedman/Star Treck, Star Fleet; year one/Pocket Books/2001/287 pgs
88.Alan And Sally Landsburg/The outer space connection/Bantam Books/1975/168 pgs
89.Loren L. Coleman/Battletech: Flashpoint/A ROC book/April 2001/270 pgs
90.Greg Bear/Anvil of stars/Warner Books/1992/471 pgs
91.John Kimmey/Light on the return path/Sacred Media/1999/101 pgs
92.Greg Bear/Eon/Tom Doherty associates/1985/504 pgs
93.Sondra J. Dahmer & kurt W.Kahl/The waiter and waitress traing manual/A CBI Book/1974/106 pgs
94.Norman Vincent Peale/My Favorate Quotations/A Giniger Book/1990/140 pgs
95.Anne MCcAFFERY/Freedom's Ransom/An ace/Putnam book/2002/288 pgs
96.Clarence Orvel Bunnell/Legends of the Klickitats/Metropolitian press/1935/64 pgs
97.The Commission on the Bicentennial Of The United States Constitution/The bill of rights and beyond 1791-1991/1990/106 pgs
98.Poul Anderson/Firetime/Doubleday & company/1974/210 pgs
99.Archibald Cox, Mark DeWolfe, J.R Wiggins/Civil Rights, the constitution, and the courts/Harverd University Press/1967/78 pgs
100.Ella E. Clark/Indian legends of the pacific Northwest/University of Califonia press/1953/225 pgs

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