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Intothevortex bio

My full name is Jon Steven Miler, I was born in 1974, I am 26 years old and live in Lakeview Oregon, I am single, never married, and I am living in a poor but loving family. I was born in Torrence California, and have spent most of my life in Oregon, I spent two years in washington state.I am now self educated, and I am willing to learn much about paranormal topics, and Native american, including Hawaiian culture.

I have studied huna, Native American shamanism, UFO's, and ghosts, I have also learned much from listening to guests on the Coast to Coast A.M talk radio show about many topics of paranormal nature. I love reading books, and I listen well to people who have something to teach, but I am unconventional, I never been to college, I will not limit my studies to one field of study, and I will not conform to the normal way of doing things.

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