This is a good page to come back to, just because can act as a diary or be called upon for any needed refreshing.  However, sometimes nothing really goes on on the weekends, so there's nothing to write about.  I may forget to update this as well, so that brings me to the request of any volunteers who would like to report these strange happenings as they see it.  Who knows, you may be the next Clarke Kent *grins*, but we all know that's not likely :P 

What did you do this weekend?


Feb. 9 - 11

On Friday Josh, Joe, Tbone, and I went and saw "Hannibal".  We collectively thought it stank like Jackal on a hot summer's poker night.  Josh somehow ended up in his tank top, apparently he thought it was way too "hot" in the goddam place. So anyways, after the movie we went and ate Taco bell.  How fat are we?

On Saturday we went out for Phil's Birthday.  Phil, Jenny, Ang, Laurie, Christian, Lindsey, Jay, Lev, Jenn, and myself took the limo down to Joker where we all had a grand time - fighting with each other lol.  It was still a good time however, because we were all drunk and the beats were pumping hard.  Haha, anyways...I shouldn't have driven home, I couldn't see straight for small periods at a time, fortunately I made it home.  But really, I only drank sips all night.....

Stay Tuned for next weekend's update!

Feb. 16 - 18
On Friday I worked until 11pm.  When I got home, Joe, Lev, and Tbone had waited for me, and insisted that I accompany them to the T-Dot and dance it up in this bar that monte had ties within.  jenn came over prior to talking them, so we decided to go along.  We went to a bar called "Amsterdam" and had some pitchers.  i liked it there.  Then monte met us with his GF and took us over to "606" the other bar.  It was pretty good, 'cept for the fact that it was so crowded.  The highlight of the night had to have been To-Poo hitting on my GF in his drunken stagger.  He desperately wants to be the 3rd man in, however, his status is constantly fluctuating.

Saturday was odd.  I worked till 11pm again and had decided that i didn't really want to do anything.  Then Philly calls, he ang, and jenny wanna head out somewhere, preferably the casino.  I had already spoken to Joe, To-Poo and Darcy wanted to go to Crabby Joe's.  I said I probably won't go.  So then Philly calls back and confirms that  they're going.  To cut to the chase, I ended up in Phil's car and gave Joe a courtesy call saying i'm going to the casino.  He wanted to come, he and the other two.  So we went, no one one 'cept To-Poo who played craps with me.  i was up then i broke even.  didn't get home till like 5am.

Feb. 27
On Tuesday night, the boys of summer embarked on an adventurous journey to the T-dot (Toronto).  We all boarded the Venga Bus eagerly awaiting the night of "big fun" that was about to happen.  The nite started out at "Big Daddy's" to see our friend J. Will tend bar.  The theme of the night was "mardi gras" where the boys of summer eagerly awaited for lovely luscious ladies to earn our beads by giving us a little flash.  No luck, we got there and the party was already winding down, and although the boys of summer tried desperately to get the party goin again, last call was at 1am.  

 So we migrated to the Peel Pub for last call and to watch a two man band.  After we had generously over-tipped our badly accented South African waiter (by accident of course), we were then entertained by Tommy "I love dance parties" Pooler.  My man, got up and shook a little booty to "Dancing Queen" and a few other select tunes.  We even saw a very sexual, teasing, chair dance by Tommy who ended the show by "threading the needle."  T-Bone made his way back to the table through deafening applause and countless high-fives.  We left there at about 2am and once outside we were all hounded by a homeless vagrant.  Darcy was even going to supply this man 6 dollars in toonies until the hobo spouted "Spare change for a hooker?"  Needless to say, those coins are still with Darcy today.  

At 230am Reggie put our lives all in danger as he drove us right into the middle of Chinatown and made us walk from his parked van to get some eats.  Tommy feared for his life, while myself and Reggie felt a certain ease to the whole situation for no one would attack "their own."  We went into the restaurant and Lev ended up ordering the whole menu.  We feasted like Kings, our waiter didn't speak a lick of English and Tommy finally got some Egg Rolls.  

We rolled into H-Town exhausted from the "big fun" at about 430am.  For the eight if us involved that night - it was fun.  For all you other member of the "Boys of Summer"  you missed out on a great night.