Please send me any pictures that you may have on your computer through e-mail or MSN Messenger.  I'd be more than happy to put them up for us all to laugh at :P



wpe10.jpg (22609 bytes)

Philly's stolen car business $$$


wpeB.jpg (9069 bytes)

Lev's "Boys Only" New year's After Party

wpeD.jpg (26473 bytes)

The Glee Club

wpe16.jpg (71588 bytes)

Hoolies at the concert

wpe1.jpg (21512 bytes)

This is my girlfriend Jenn

wpe2C.jpg (15834 bytes)

Me and Angie

wpe6.jpg (114996 bytes)

Me and those two other guys


wpe3.jpg (25402 bytes)

Tbone, Darcey, and Jackal: enjoying a hot one at the State Penitentiary

wpe6.jpg (19400 bytes)

Me and Jenn on the set of "Star Trek"

wpeD.jpg (65297 bytes)

This is me at some sleezy hotel.

wpe30.jpg (14083 bytes)

This is Jenn sleeping with her eyes open again


wpe19.jpg (26156 bytes)

Rodney - piss drunk.

Jackal - planting a seed.

Monte - losing his money.


wpe25.jpg (60395 bytes)

Jackal and Joe's foreign cousins from Albania!

wpe23.jpg (17859 bytes)

Josh and Jimmy laugh one up!

wpe21.jpg (15693 bytes)

From left to right:  the "Satellite Golf" custodians

wpe8.jpg (69809 bytes)

Joe's Bday at the Sultan's Tent in T.O.