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    Thanks a lot for coming to my site :)  I think this will be a good spot for me to write some stuff on things for example, my weekends.  Stay tuned!  Like the pictures?  You don't know how long it took me to figure out how to manipulate them!  Anyways, I'm not sure what I wanna do on this page.  I think I'm just gonna write down stuff like, hmm, maybe some stand-up stuff?  Nah, they never turn out any good.  But...know what I was thinking?  I was thinking about rappers and their fetish for nicknames.  I mean some of these guys are grown men now, and they still go by code names?  It's stupid .  "Hey guys, from this day forward, I wanna be known as Dr. Dre."  "Ok then, to make things easier, my code name is "Snoop Dogg"."  And why do they always have to alter their words?  Outcast - "Outkast".  Buster - "Busta".  M&M's - "Eminem".  It's almost as if all the words in the world are taken, so, "We're gonna have to make up some new one's, and to do this, we just change a few letters!"  It all kinda reminds me of a bunch of GI Joe men who rhyme their words instead to fight Cobra...

Hey, do you like the Sixers?  The Sixers rule!  When I was a kid I liked to watch sports.  And you know how it is when your kid, you really don't know what you like.  But for me, I kinda just liked every Philly team there is.  I could remember the days when the Flyers played the Oilers in the Stanley Cup finals, twice.  I remember watching Dr. J's last game as a Sixer.  How about Mike Schmidt of the Phillies?  And Randall Cunningham with the Eagle's?  And you know what's weird?  I haven't even been to Philadelphia.  That's why I'm weird like that.  I reeeaally stuck to my Philly teams and have been fans of them my entire life.  I've stuck with them even when they've been shitty, and believe me, they've all had their turn.  But this year is the year that the Sixers are gonna win it all.  I can feel it.  Even the Flyers.  This year we're gonna have 2, count 'em 2, Championship teams from Philly.  And it's gunna be so sweeeezzzeeet.  

Stay tuned for my next entries on my girlfriend Jenn and my dog Kobe!


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