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est. May 2001
****Hanson Party!****

LATEST NEWS: 06/19/02~~~ Well, I heard this on the radio this morning, (so it must be true, i hope) But a reason that Taylor married Natalie is becuase she is 3 months pregnant. Sorry people for the great news, but anywho.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`06/15/02~~~ I would like to thank the recent people who signed the guest book, after all of the cruel messages that people had left earlier it was nice to know that some people still liked my site, lol, thanks again, OH YEAH~!~! Hanson Hotline was updated, Isaac said that the recording part of the album is done, and promotion should stat soon. Bye now~!~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~06/14/02~!~~~~~~~~~ Guess what you NON believers, I was 100% CORRECT about Natalie and Taylor getting married. And for the others, sorry I don't have anypictures or anything,:) ~~~~06/05/02~~~ Well, first of all I KNOW FOR A FACT that they did not break up. And yes they are getting married. But if you don't want to believe me then don't. I don't really care. You will have to find out the truth sooner or later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~05/31/02--- First of all, just becuase some of you don't like the truth, does NOT mean that you should curse in the G-Book, thanks, and secondly, yes it is true, they are getting married this is how I know: One of my friend is friends with Natalie, she (natalie's friend) was the one who told me, so it is like 99% a sure thing, sorry:( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~05/27/02--- Well I have HUGE news~! Taylor is getting married to his girlfried of two years, Natalie. Scond, I updated the animations page~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~01/01/02--- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The reason I haven't been updating is because I have sooo much to do these days! Here are a few things, Hanson will appear on Sabrina the Teenage witch on Jan 11, WB at 8:00pm. TTYL MMMBye-----------------11/17/01--- HAPPY 21st B-DAY IKEY-POO!!!!! We all luv you (actually only Laura does, but wait, so does the closet, and your mom, and I think that is all) Well that is all. MMMBYE~!-----------------11/03/01---I haven't updated in one whole month! Sorry! Work has been overwhelming! Well our little Zaccy can drive all alone now~! Bohoho! Hanson is pressing charges against You can find a picture of Hanson is the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the Living Section on page 2. Well nothing much has happened since then! Mmmbye~!------------------------10/01/01--- Hanson Hotline (1-918-446-3979) is updated. It was taylor, he just rambled on as usual (no offense0. Well that is all 4 now! luv ya~-------------9/19/01--- MOE 11 is in MAILBOXES NOW!!!!!!!! People all over have been getting them!! Although, it may take a while to get to some due to the recent US tragedy, it will arrive!!!!! that is about all, ttyl~! mmmbye~~~!!!-------------9/18/01--- IT IS A FACT!!!! Natalie DOES live in GA (I can not say where though) and she is going out w/ Taylor! I would not say this if I didn't know! AND believe me, I DO know! Well, that is all, ttyl-------------- 9/10/01--- BIG NEWS!!!! According to my sources(the dreamer) Taylor and Natalie are "hot and heavy". Stinks, I know. AND Kate and Zac are in an "on and off" realationship. That was the bad news, the good news is as followes: *Parade Magazine* In this weekend's edition of Parade Magazine is a Hanson mention. The Q & A reads: Is it true that the members of the pop band Hanson are making their film debut? :Yes. Talented brothers Isaac, 20, Taylor 18, Zac, 15, make a cameo appearance as themselves in Frank McKlusky, C.I. The comedy, due out next spring, stars Randy Quaid and Dolly Parton. The Hansons are busy recording their third CD, for the release early in 2002. Well that is about all for now!! TTYL~!-----------------------8/17/01--- The truth the whole truth and nothin but the truth... Zac is single and Taylor is going out with Natalie, and Isaac is going out with Marit. That;s all for now!--------------7/31/01---Sorry, I haven't updated but I have been out of town w/ relatives for the past week, anyway, HANSON MAY BE HAVING A DOUBLE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It is a fact that Wake Up and Get Up and Go are going to be on the album! MMMBYE!!!----------------------7/24/01--- The Princess Diaries soundtrack came out today and Hanson's Wake Up is on it! So hurry and go on and BUY IT!!!------------- 7/23/01--- On Tuesday, July 24th, The Princess Diaries Soundtrack will be released. We can finally hear a complete version of "Wake Up." You can listen to a short clip of the song on The Making of... section of The guys mentioned that they wrote "Wake Up" during the TTA tour. That's about all! Mmmbye.------------- 7/17/01--- HANSON WILL BE CHATTING LIVE ON ON JULY 18TH AT 7PM EASTERN TIME!!!!! LIVE!!!!! Also, Taylor is growing his back to ear or soo length, that's all 4 now! Mmmbye!-------------7/11/01--- Hanson will be on TV today on MTV at 12:00 noon until 1:00pm on a rolling stones video thing they are #63 in the countdown!-------------7/09/01--- The links page has been updated, check it out okay, well that's all 4 now! Mmmbye~!-------------7/6/01--- I change my mind- updates 4 all!!! Well Hanson should me touring in the end of the year and their new album should be out in beggining of spring, I have stuff on NAtalie but I 'll tell you tomorrow- oh yeah in you have suggestions my aol screen name is hitzhanson2001, it does NOT recieve email though, well MMMBYE!!!-------------7/4/01--- HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! New Rule- I do have TONS of updates (natalie happens to be one of them)! But you will NOT get them if you don't sign the guestbook. Leave your email address and you will be emailed the updates. I am trying to create a passworded site kind of thing. Well bye!-=-------------6/23/01--- Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I was on vacation!CDNOW - Hanson Teams With Barenaked Ladies, Carole King, Fastball, Semisonic On Next Album. And excerpt- "I think it's going to take the step that the last record didn't," Taylor tells allstar. "It's gonna stay rock and stay true to what we have always done, which is write pop songs. But it's going to keep a sensibility that people continue to doubt that we are going to get to." Well that's bout' all! Mmmbye!-------------6/17/01--- Hello all you Fansons! There isn't much except that you need to sign this Hanson Petition Hurry!-------------6/16/01--- Please VOTE for Hanson for Hanson! Hurry! It is getting harder and harder to find Hanson on Napster. So, try or! I haven't tried LimeWire but AudioGalzxy is really awesome! Try it.-------------6/15/01--- It's offical. When Hanson was in UK sometime this month they went to TV Hits, and were interviewd. The interviewer asked soo, Fess up, are you seeing anybody. Tay answered that he had been seeing somebody for 9 months now--(bohoho)Issac said he was and luckily Zac said he just broke up with his girlfreind of 6 months, and then said, "So, anybody interested?"(ahhhhhhhhhh) Also, I found you that the Hanson's old house is MOE headquarters and there old phone# is the MOE phone#! Pretty cool! Bye-------------6/14/01--- Hanson Hotline (1-918-446-3979) was updated by Zac he thanked everyone who came to Riverfest, also said they are just finishing up the articles in MOE it should be out soon, and said the album should be out next year a little earlier maybe, and they will try to go on tour before then! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Also, Group Pic is updated! That's all for now -------------- 6/12/01--- They gals! Sorry I didn't update yesterday there really wasn't much! The links page is updated and I am working on a latest pictures sections and a video section and a sounds sections! Well come back tomorrow!-------------6/10/01---At Riverfest Hanson sang 7 songs. Two of the 7 songs were new. One was titled, "Wake Up" - nobody no's the other title. They also sang Lonely Again, Wish That I Was There, Sure About It, MMMBop, and If Only. I'll try to find out the other title, if you know please email me!-------------6/09/01--- Hanson is in Hot Magazine. They are on page 89- it is a pinup! Also the Fanfest is coming up. It will be on July 26! AHHHHHHHH! MOE 11 should be out soon./ Just a little longer!------------6/08/01---Taylor was at The Cult's album release party on June 5, 2001. AND -------------6/07/01--- For some pics of Hanson at ASYM and TONS of Hot zac pics go to WiredImage! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- keep reading the WHOLE latest news for today, the bottom is GREAT!!!! Oh ya'- sign my guestbook telling me what I should or could do to make my site better AND tell me if I should make the cartoon and animation section in two. Thanks! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Here is a RUMORED list of the tracks on there new album!-Here is a RUMORED list of songs for Hanson's new album: Underneath//Down//Lost Without Each Other//Your Illusion//Let You Go//One More Time//Never Love Again//Get Up And Go//I Almost Care//Smile. If they have the songs why can't they put out the album!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--------------6/06/01--- Mmmbop came in 22nd on Europe's MTV summer top 100 count down! Also, there is an awesome site where you can make your own Hanson cartoon dolls. Just go here and look on the side bar until you see Make a Hanson. It is SOOO cool! Well have a hansony day!-------------6/05/01--- Hey- this is SOOO cool- sorta. On the strawberry fruit-by-the-foot the long paper wrapper the snack is wrapped around there are some puzzles. The puzzles are that you have to find out the real title of the song, Mmmbop was on them!! The puzzle is Hmm Bop, Shooby do Wop. The The answer is Mmmbop buda do bop. I thought that was a neat little bit of info. 6/04/01--- If Hanson keeps on schedule MOE 11 should be out with in a month give or take. Also, I've had questions on wether or not the Taylor Natalie thing is true. Yes, it is. I flew down to the Atalanta georgia airport one time because I heard that Taylor would be there from my friend who lives down in Georgia. Well, she was right and Taylor was leaving for Tulsa,. His GF Natalie was there with him. He kissed her ON the lips for like four or five seconds! He also went to the prom with her and went to her graduation. Also, if you are trying to find the If Only or Save Me video's go to It has both videos in the pop stop section. Zac section is underconstruction right now. Finally, if you have pictures you want posted email me and you WILL get credit on the LINKS page(under thanks to...)Good Day To You All! --------------6/03/01--- Group pics updated. Tay Pics is under major construction and Ike and Zac pics should be here in about a week or two.-------------6/02/01--- Hanson is on the cover of the magazine "Modern Maturity" with there Grandmother Bea. Pretty Cool! Also Hanson was in the top 10 for the MTV retired video, thank you to all of you who voted for them!-------------6/1/01--- New Section: Tay Pics! Guess what! You can vote for Taylor to be the top boy in pop here. That site is and it is a UK magazine's site, go vote for Taylor! Hanson may be recieving top honor award from the ASYM (American Society of Young Musicians)! Also, if you own a Nokia phone you may be able to get If Only to be a ring tone! Just go to and download the ring tone, oh ya', you have to register firstPS- Sign my guestbook!

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