The Problem With Girls From Suburbia:On the Issue of Love-Relationships/\

Previously, we covered the disadvantages of suburbian girls on flirting, "bases", and slow dancing. Explanations of how to deal with these concepts were told in the last essay. In case you’re new to this, a suburbian female is a semi-clueless person whom knows what is needed for a good relationship, but has no idea of a way to achieve that. Now that you know what you are getting into, lets just dive right in.

Suburbian girls sometimes have a stroke of luck, but fail to utilize the opportunity. This is because they usually (keyword) fail to take the initiative. Usually means that us guys are afraid they will get dubbed ‘egotistical’ and will untimely end up on her People Who Deserve To Be Shot list, just like if you go too fast. Personal Example. These circumstances are individual, but can turn out differently for you. I was packing because I was leaving the house where I endured 3 pleasant weeks in. This girl from suburbia was leaving too, and I got the rumor that she liked me a lot. Before we departed, she asked me to "help" her remove the last of her belongings from a closet. My devious mind combined with my inner Man instinct: Farewell Makeout Session. We moved out the stuff, and looked into each other’s eyes. And looked. And looked. After the first minute my foot was tapping impatiently, but there was a giant liar whom bragged about his female skills there that week, and I didn’t want to spoil the opportunity by resembling him by going in for the kill. I just left after 2 minutes. She never came back to the camp. Rumors say she was heartbroken when I didn’t kiss her. Those sort of circumstances, when you won’t see her again probably for forever, just do what the cowboys say, "Let ‘er buck". Otherwise, just "do or do not". Don’t hope she can do something just because you handed it to her.

A minor issue I will bring to your attention is that it is OK to cheat on a suburbian girlfriend, as long as the only person to reveal this is you.

A sophisticated mind will know when to reveal this to your advantage.

A major issue of suburbian women is that they are not capable to read hidden signs. They always feel so special if they get that they want to do something together simply, such as bonding, or hold hands. If you propose to go swimming and then a leisurely walk in the park to a suburbian or city/farm girl, you can get one of two possible thoughts in their mind. Simple suburbian girl: Wow, I haven’t gone swimming lately, and in the park, I might be brave enough to hold his hand. Brave city/farm girl: Hmmmmm…. I can wear my most revealing bikini and get it nice and wet so that ‘you’ can see my figure. Then I can find a nice and secluded spot and let ‘you’ experience my figure first-hand. See the difference? Recommendation to guys: Evaluate the person you are showing this to. Base you plans on their "love smarts".

The desired intent of this essay is that guys can learn something and use it in the wild and stupid world of delusional women. Don’t disregard the facts stated in this essay: these are tried-and-true concepts. They will almost-always work. Just persevere and be unafraid of toil.

Ps. The terms used may seem vulgar but they’re used because this essay is designed for ALL guys, not individuals.