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Frankly, this page has looked like crap lately. maybe this summer we'll work on it and make it shiny and spiffy. nah...

Days until we take over the mind+body



Great Newmini here. After going through severe psychological abuse I've decided I need to actually do something. So I'm upgrading this sad website, more for my personaly aims because nobody else is doing anything. So cheers to all, and I hope that the improvements are satisfactory...

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Look familiar? We can see into ANYBODY'S hard drive, so there! Don't make us angry or we can disrupt your....plottings.

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DISCLAIMER: We are NOT really out to kill everyone and take over the world. We do NOT want to overthrow our government and slowy take over everything. But what you have to ask yourself now is: is this disclaimer here to say we won't take over the world, or is it here so you don't THINK we will take over the world. We'll let you decide...(Ps. TO ALL FBI AGENTS....COULD YOU GUYS GIVE US SOME JOB OFFERINGS?)

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