Howdy readers. We have decided to put news here! So as soon as we have news to put, we will put it here. In the meantime, check out the FAQ


Booboo here, and theres a couple things going on. One i ta, while we already know that pretty much no one cares to come to this site cuz its pointless and out of the way, we are going to say, that due to the fact tat both newman and I have lives (I know, amazing isnt it), we arent going to be updating often. U may have already noticed this site doesnt go through many changes often. Also, we are going to start a band, o anyone who oes come o this site, keep your ears open for Those Guys, a band consisting of me, newman, and one of our compadres. It will probably amount to nothing, and we'll try to keep u posted on it if we ever gt theiea off the ground. Till later, peace-ShAloM!


Great Newmini speaking. I'm currently at my summer retreat house, and the whores haven't shown up yet, so I was thinking, "What the hell could I do thats constructive without killing anyone?" Then I remembered this sad, forgotton, web page and thought that I should spruce it up. So I am. Other confidants might not like what I'm doing but...oh well. A key up on the past events are...

Great Newmini's Public Relations Team has been formed.

Booboo is on a great Western Adventure!(May god have mercy on his soul...)

All of the Companies have been temporarily deserted.

The concept of Bench-Sitting has been finalized.

Those of Company X have been seperated into two factions, but not in rivalry.

Those in the Bubbles, and Those in the Boxes are those two factions. The Great Newmini and Booboo are in the Boxes, due to their knowledge of "The Deal", a mystical pool of knowledge regarding Orange Woman.(Snicker)

The Gods are created.

These Gods are: The Coathangar, whom everybody should pray to, because the coathangar represents "Those Things". The Tri Gods of Relationships. Booboo is the god of Love in America, The Great Divine Evil is a demi-sexgod in America, and a Chinese Sex God, and The Great Newmini represents the Jamacian God of Love, and also the American God of Sex.

Well, now that you fellow readers are up to date, new and largely unknown plots are going to be brought into light. These plots are petty, compared to you mortals, due to that they concern singular people, instead of mass societies. Anyways, while I think these up, you can mull over what has happened throughout the past year.


The final decision to dissolve Net Reformists has been made. We are no longer out to rule the world. We have decided its too much work, and we're too damn lazy to do it. We'd rather sit on benches, or start a band. We also decided to start a cult. In it our followers will pray to the coathangers, Newman, Myself(Boobo), and our other confidant, The Great Divine Evil.


We want everyone to be at an understanding about the management. Our Company is the Net Reformists, and this is its website. The Net Reformists is actually a branch of Our Center Co., Company X. The heads of Co. X is the Powers That Be(PTB), but the Great Newmini and I are up there. We talk directly to the PTB and recieve instructions. Other branches of Co. X are Evil Converging, headed by the Demonkitty, Evil Inside, ran by The Great Devine Evil, The Governmental Abolitionists, which is lead by Stevo's Psychic Amish Monkeys (SPAM), Demonic Wildlife Org., whose leader is the "Gecko of Darkness", and finally The Raging Inferno Incorporated, which is run by the Evil Pyrotic Leprechaun (EPL). Raging Inferno is the only branch that is w/out a website currently. It is under construction though, and will be finished soon (maybe). Our Associates pages are as follows:
Evil Converging
Evil Inside
Governmental Abolitionists
Demonic Wildlife Organization
Raging Inferno Inc.(non-existent)

Making a webpage isn't easy, especially when we do not recieve any feedback....Or visitors, in that sense. To help spread the name of our website, please, if you wish, present this site to your fiends, and ask them to forward it to their friends. Thanks, and good night/morning/afternoon/Apocalypse.

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