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Yet agin, we have an unfinished page because of you. It's all your fault! We want YOU! Your input makes us a good output which makes us more popular which leads to bonuses on our part and more input ultimely which multiplies until we change our name to Microsoft and start selling cheap souveniours and by then we'll have a mass illegal music merchandise chain named Napstered and we will own a condo in Silicon Valley and on Jupiter which will be supported by antigrav lifts which will also be our invention and because of that you get to move to some faraway planet but we'll own that planet so you can't do anything except give us input and by then one of us is going to be Bill and the other John Travolta by a name change and Michelle Jackson would be the wife of John because Micheal Jackson would have had a sex change (finally) after reading your input which would make a worldwide contraversy and then we would launch nukes to abolish such issues and accidently destroy the earth in it's entirety by loosing a biochemical agent which devours everything and then life would start over, all because of your input. No more pollution becuase all beings (except roaches, they stand everything) would be bye-bye and the roach would become the new sentinent species. So write us!

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