well hello! Chances are rants like this will be changing often until we/I get settled into a decent looking format for the site. So this page itself has gone from being my reinvented main page to a photo page from the most rockinest band night in 2004! granted, the only band night so far, but i digress. Anyways, What i'm gonna do is put up the original pictures for each of the bandmates, and if ya click on the picture, you can see some of the cool warped photos that i originally had right here? got it? rock!

so those are me fiddling around w/ effects of some "stage" shots of us from bandnight. hardcore eh? so lets see....to fill up space...... for those who for some reason wanna know, a set list (as far as i remember) of Band Night Jan '04!

Beer - Reel Big Fish
Skatanic - Reel Big Fish
Enter Sandman - Metallica (kinda)
Hole in the Snow - JSCLC!!
Mellow Tune - JSCLC again!!!
Poprocks and Coke - Greenday
99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger (and off come the panties...)
Scorpion Petting Zoo - JSCLC!! we rock!

so that was that... some songs that would be in the works if we were good at putting forth effort:

Atlantis Who?
(song about governer of atlantis losing it to the devil in a card game)

(twill be awesome.... dun wanna spoil everything....)

and Negativity
(Johnny's masterpiece of a metal song as written by a ska band. rock)

so thats that.... maybe more to come....or maybe not. you'll just have to wait and see!