Johnny StemCell's Liberal Collective

alright, i realized i need to give some info on JSCLC before i go off showin pictures and set lists!

Johnny Stemcell's Liberal Collective consists of:
Casey Fein - trombonist, vocals
Johnny Otto - bassist, vox
Marc Montano - drums
Carter Harris - Bari Sax, kazoo, vocals
Cory Clifton - guitar
KC Conway - alto sax

theres a long interesting story that i'll post on a band info page someday, fer now though, this is my basic info page.

the goods:
we're a self proclaimed "Everything Bagel" style band from Upstate NY. basically, each of our songs is from a different genre, and we try to keep or options open. so we give a wide variety of musical entertainment. we're still "under construction" as far as a true setlist and originals is concerned, we played a gig at Temple Sinai Band Night Jan '04, and most likely will be playin another one this spring. but thats about all ya need. now
check out the Band Night '04 pictures!!!!,
the Pictures of ye olde JSCLC from the Post Prom Party or better yet
read the documented history of JSCLC!

and the new addition to this poorly maintained site: Shows!

For any booking, input or fanmail (hah), email us