Dinner-How it Relates to Relationships

Dinner. A time for eating and meeting. There are three parts to a dinner; Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts. Each part metaphorically represents a type of relationship, and they correspond quite well to their respective relationship. If you observe somebody’s relationship with another as an outsider and recognize the traits of one of these foods, you can base a good judgement on these people.

Appetizers -This is a pre-meal. It is usually not too big, and will not take long to finish. This type of relationship is usually for popularity or training. These are short span, usually less than 5 years, and don’t have real affection going. To outsiders, they are the perfect couple, doing all the known “couple things”, making themselves look good and smug by having a “significant other”. These are most common, and there are no real tears and such at the breakup.

Main Course-This is (duh!) the real meal you came to the restaurant of love for. It is big, and well nourishing. In likeness of a real relationship, this is the real deal. It is a true love, and never looks like it will last to the observer. It doesn’t invoke jealousy and never ends easily. The two subjects may meet only once a week, but they are so perfect on the inside that if they were separated for years on end, the love would never fade. These relationships can last from childhood to death, but doesn’t necessarily have to be a long time. Even a few days will suffice. The two people may not have a lot in common, but the main course depends on the sort of people. They might be arch-personalities or non-related Siamese twins. It’s very relative. Also, main courses end in real emotional pain. The dumper always has a tougher time because he/she has to actually admit that they were never the right one. But if the dumpee is wise and tries to soften the blow for the dumper, great credit is bestowed upon the dumpee for taking such a heart-wrenching situation and making it easier for his/her past-significant other.

Dessert-This is short and sweet. Desserts are most commonly known to be related to hookers and prostitutes. Also the local person who doesn’t give a damn who he/she sleeps with is classified under desserts, too. These are one-night stands, and quick and sexual games that don’t involve commitment except for tips. Desserts are quick and satisfying, and aren’t that common too.

As you can see, the meal plays a role in love. It can tell what sort of state of mind you are in, and usually how long that state of mind will last. If you are wise enough to observe your own love life, you can make it more satisfying, if you have the wits to do so.