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Welcome to my frogs page!!! There's a lot of stuff coming soon, and if you want anything on here, email me. So take a look at my page and enjoy!!

So you think you know frogs? I have compiled some interesting facts about frogs that I have come across. If you have anything to add just follow the E-mail link on the page.

Frogs have been mentioned in history since.... well..... since history has been recorded. Here are some myths and legends about frogs that I have come across.

Around the world there have been tales of Frogs, in almost every situation. Here are some of Aesop's Fables to look at.

Here are some jokes for the kids, or even your self if you'd like ;-

Want to know some interesting facts about tadpoles? Well, here it is. I have been looking around and I found this, so if you are interested in tadpoles this is the place to go!


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