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One liners

Q: Why are frogs so happy?
A:They eat whatever bugs them

Q: What happens when two frogs collide?
A:They get tongue tied!

Q: How does a frog feel when he has a broken leg?

Q: What happens when you mix a frog with a bathtub scrubby- mit?
A:A rubbit!

Q: Why did the frog read Sherlock Holmes?
A: He liked a good croak and dagger.

Q: What happened to the frog's car when his parking meter expired?
A: It got toad!!

Q: What's green green green green green?
A: A frog rolling down a hill

Q: What is a frog's favorite game?
A: Croaket

Q: What did the frog order at McDonald's?
A: French flies and a diet Croak

Q: Why did the frog say meow?
A: He was learning a foreign language.

Q: Why did the frog go to the hospital?
A: He needed a "hopperation"

Q: How deep can a frog go in water?
A: Knee-deep Knee-deep! (Hey! i don't make em!)

Q: What do stylish frogs wear?
A: Jumpsuits!

Q: What does a bankrupt frog say?
A: "Baroke, baroke, baroke."

Three frogs walked into a bar, the fourth frog ducked.

Q.What does a frog wear on St. Patrick's day?

Q.What did the frog dress up for on Halloween?
A.A prince.

Q.How many frogs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A.One frog and 37 light bulbs, slippery hands, ya know.

Q.Whats the preferred car of frogs?
A.The Beetle.

Q.What's green and red?
A. A very mad frog.

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