Part Five

I yelp as I'm jerked awake by two pairs of painfully grabbing hands.

"Hey!! Lemme go!!!" I scream, trying futily to fight the hands off.

"Not 'till we getcha what's comin' to ya, bitch," one of the goons growls.

I hear the sound of electricity sparking, and hear Raph scream in surprise just before seeing his limp body being thrown back into the cell.


I interrupt my raging with a scream as I feel sharp blades of electricity jolt through my body.

This only causes me to fight more viciously, as the blood red veil of fury descends down over my eyes.

I barely feel the wet blood of one of my adversaries soak my hands.

Unfortunately, as my fighting becomes more vicious, so does the number of times and fierceness with which the cattle prod descends on my struggling body.

Though my healing factor struggles to keep up, it, like Raph had before, is forced to succumb to the brutality. My abused body falls limply into the unforgiving arms of my tormentors as my consciousness flees with my healing factor.


I cough as something acrid smelling is held under my nose.

"' tha' shit'way fr'm m'..." I murmur, trying to bring a hand down to swat the stuff away.

I grumble something irrelevant under my breath as I open my eyes to find myself surrounded on all sides by leering men. As I struggle back to consciousness, I realize that I'm not wearing anything and that I'm lying spreadeagled on my back, bound hand and foot to the metal table.

"Ah shit," I grumble.

Creed steps into view and smacks me hard across my face with his good hand.

"Language, language, mutie," he says in a fakely saccharin voice, followed with a chorus of mocking laughter from the onlookers.

"Mmph, screw you," I growl.

"Hmm, now there's a repulsive idea, though if you were human, you'd be rather attractive," he purrs with a sadistic smile.

"Uh huh," I look up at him with a smirk, "then why are you touching my breast?"

He takes his hand away with a scowl.

"You're probably wondering what's in store for you," he comments after composing himself.

I shrug as best I can.

He raises a brow. "You don't care?"

"Why dwell on anything involving you?" I answer coldly.

My head whips to the side as another stinging slap is delivered to my face.

Mmmph...I hate it when they do that...

When I open my eyes and turn my head, I see Creed holding a poker in his good hand that glows bright red with flaming heat.

"Enough talk," he spits as he smiles sadistically.

I watch in horror as he lowers the weapon towards my parted legs.

"Now, men, this is what every mutie bitch deserves. Though you never know, they might enjoy it."

I would make a comment, but before I can, there's the sound and smell of flesh singeing and, more noticeably to me, white hot agony raging its way up through my body.

I refuse to scream, however I can't control the beads of sweat springing up over my body and coating my skin, nor can I control my muscles tensing at the agonizing pain.

"Aw...look at how she's enjoying it," I can barely hear Creed sneer, "let's give her some more."

A scream tears its way from my throat as he shoves the torture instrument up into me.

I endure that, as well as several other "games", for what seems like eternity before the merciful dark of unconsciousness claims me.


When I come to, I'm being held gently in Raph's arms. Ordinarily, I would enjoy this, but my body hurts too damn much for me to enjoy anything.

I groan and shift slightly, looking up at Raph. He's got several cuts and bruises covering what I can see of him. Among the injuries, is a nasty cut traveling from his right temple down to his right elbow.

"Oh, Raph, that looks like it hurts," I whisper through my own pain.

"'Ve had worse. You must be feelin' like shit," he answers in a soft voice.

I manage a slight grin. "You could say that."

He gently pulls me close, unable to do anything else. "What'd they DO to ya?"

" don't wanna know," I answer with a grimace.

He nods and stays silent for a few moments.


"Uh huh?"

"In case we don't make it through this, I want ta tell ya somethin'..." he continues nervously.

"We'll find a way to get out of here..." I start, but Raph hushes me by putting a gentle fingertip over my lips.

"I jus' gotta tell ya this, k?"

I nod, looking up into his face.

"Wull, uh... ya know 'bout that gal who was taken from me a coupla months 'fore ya showed up, right?"

I nod again.

"...uhm...wull...tha way I felt 'bout her... I feel tha same way 'bout you... an' once I get mah hands on tha bastards that did this ta ya, I'm gonna bust their heads in."

I just stare up at him in shock for a few moments.

"R...Raph, I had no idea," I whisper as I slowly reach up to touch his face. I don't know if it's the soft glow emanating from my blood-coated birthmark or what, but the expression on his face is soft, tender. Rather uncharacteristic most of the time.

I lean up a little, ignoring the waves of pain shooting their way through my body.

"I love you, too," I whisper after a moment, just before planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

I feel his arms tighten a little around me as he softly returns the kiss.


The next morning, we're awakened by rough hands pulling us apart to unknown destinations.

As I'm yanked down the hallway, I do my best to ignore the remaining pain in my body and subtly examine the make of the building as I'm pulled through the halls.

I growl softly when I see that I'm getting taken to a lab of some kind.

Oh just GREAT, these bastards wanna play friggin doctor with me.

As I'm being strapped down to the examination table, I notice that, aside from the two white-jacketed men and my two current tormentors, Creed and some loser in some sort of military uniform are there as well.

"Ah, good, I see experiment 309 is fairing far better than expected. On behalf of the US Department of Defense, thank you for your service, Mr. Creed. You will reserve your reward in about a week," the military goon says as he makes his way over to me to look me up and down.

"It was my pleasure, sir. She and her turtle boyfriend have been going around and killing good, innocent men simply because they are a part of this fine organization," Creed responds with a sneer in my direction.

The government man nods slightly. "Yes, the male specimen will be coming with us for examination as well."

Creed nods. "Where are you taking them?"

"That is on a strictly need to know basis."

I think I'll dub this guy Major Minor.

"Uh, since I provided them to you, shouldn't I know what is going to happen to them?" Creed ventures.

Major Minor withers the leader of the FOH with the look from hell.

Gotta give the clown some credit; he sure knows how to make a man roll over to have his belly slit open and his viscera yanked out of his abdominal cavity to be tied in a lovely bow fit for a birthday present.

I blink.

Gee, I'm not sick minded or anything, am I?

Major Minor then makes a motion with his right hand. I start as I feel the table begin to move.

I'll be damned, I didn't know this sucker had wheels on it!

I yelp as Creed steps in the way of the table, bringing it to a sudden, hard stop. My yelp was only partially from surprise. Mostly, though, it's from the pain of my bonds cutting into the flesh of my arms and legs.

"Sheeze, don't damage the merchandise or anything," I grumble, unnoticed.

"I have the right to know what is going to be done with my property," Creed spits.

"This experiment and the turtle specimen became the property of the United States government the moment you signed those papers," the military man says with a deadpan expression on his face. "Now please get out of the way, Mr. Creed."

"When did Raph and I become property?" I ask.

Again, I'm ignored as Creed steps out of the way, and I'm wheeled past him.

He sneers down at me as I pass him, giving me a look that chills me to the bone. The look in his eyes says to me, "once the government is done with you, I get a chance at you."


The cold air hits my naked body like a sledgehammer, and I can't hold back the violent shiver that overcomes my body. We're outside now, and I'm being loaded onto the back of a van.

"I say," I wisecrack, "do you feel a breeze?"

Major Minor backhands me with a rigid hand.

"Ow," I mutter.

"No more talking. From this point on, you are our property. Whatever we tell you to do, you do it. No questions asked, and with no backtalk," he speaks down to me. I really don't like this guy.

"And if I don't comply?"

I feel the sting of another blow.


I growl and try to lunge up at him, jerking against my restraints.

"Sedate her," he growls before disappearing from my line of sight.

I growl and struggle as hard as I can against the restraints as I feel a needle tearing into my flesh. My growl turns into a howl of rage as the needle tears a gash in my arm from my struggling. Despite all this, I still feel the liquid, an impossibly large amount, enter my body.

To my dismay I feel my body weakening. I try to fight it, but the blackness still takes over, stealing sight, sound and feeling away from me. I can't help wondering if I'm going to survive this.


Eventually, the darkness resolves itself into colors that seem strangely organized.

Dude, trippy.

As I float along, I think I hear my name being called.

I look around and I see Splinter and Leo on their way toward me. Once they get to me, they both embrace me, relieved to see me alive and well.

"Uhm," I say after a moment, "what is this place? This doesn't really seem much like a typical dream."

"This place is called the Astral Plane," Splinter answers.

"We're glad to see that you're still alive, HLM. Raph..?" Leo asks in a worried tone.

"When I last saw him this morning he was still alive. We were separated..."

"Do you know where you and Raphael are?" Splinter inquires.

" I don't... the FOH kidnapped us, tortured us and...and...gave us over to the government." I swallow back tears of fear. "They gave me drugs to knock me out after they loaded me into the back of a black van."

"Was Raphael there, too?"

"I don't think so...I don't remember seeing or hearing him..." I trail off, worried. "But...but we're going to the same place."

"How do you know?" Leo asks softly.

"'Cause I heard Major Minor say so," I answer, feeling about two inches tall.

Splinter raises a brow.

"Uh...that's not his real name."


I blink as I feel myself being pulled somewhere.

"Leo, Splinter, what's happening to me? I'm being pulled on," I ask of them, frightened.

"Do not worry, my daughter," Splinter says in a gentle voice, and resting a deceptively frail hand on my shoulder. "Your body is just waking up. Good luck."

I have only enough time to give Leo and Splinter a desperate look before being yanked back to the physical world.

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