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Poet's Lair

Poetry-poems or verses as a form of literature, according to the dictionary. But, poetry is so much more. It expresses a person's life or a person's death. It can be abou anything, from a tree to a godess. I hope to try to show you on this page, that there is more to poems then what you are forced to read by the schools... If you have poetry you wish to share, please email me. I will be proud to show more aspects of this wonderful art. Also, if you have a picture, I will be glad to post it with your poem if you choose so.

Little One That No One Knew

I wanted someone pure, pure in soul and heart, Yet there were only young girls, but I thought it was a start. I thought again with a smile, it wouldn’t be that bad, I never wished to be a pedophile, but I was getting tired of my hand. I had to do something or else I would burst, Though I had always cursed the idea, But now I realize the situation, And had this infatuation. I now had to find a young girl that suited my need, It really did not matter on the race or breed. Then I found her, perfect in every way, So I continued by asking her if she would play. She hesitated but I grabbed her, Covering her mouth and dragging her. I found a perfect place by a tree, Where I was sure not a soul could see. I stared at her lovely hair of silk, Not feeling a bit of guilt. I let my hand off her mouth, to hear her scream, Awwww, it was like heaven, You could have never guessed she was only of age seven. Then I proceeded with the raping, Knowing very well what I was taking. She was so tight, I could have fucked her all night. But alas I had to stop, Before I was caught. I looked at her twice, And saw the pain in her eyes. And before I took my leave, I muttered these few things, “ If you tell a soul you shall die”, Then I wished her a good night. No one had seen what I had done, For the longest time I would just run. I look back on what I did, And I feel no shame. I found Mandi to be her name, And now I know I will forever be to blame.

Copyright Amanda Goulding, 2001 All rights Reserved