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Sounds of My Soul 3


This is of course Tool. I had to include them in somewhere. I love them. Their unique sound intrigues me and makes me crave for more.

Tool's Official Site

Nashville Pussy

Now...this is a very odd group. I was introduced to them by my ex-fiance, and now I can't get enough of them. They have song titles like 'Blowjob from a Rattlesnake' and 'Go to Hell'. They are pretty much a hick metal band.

Nashville Pussy Site

Nine Inch Nails

NIN is an awesome group. I like their music, but I do not like how much they have been popularized compared to other industrial groups that are as good or better then them. It sickens me also to see Trent Reznor getting all the credit for so many other projects and getting all the credit for NIN. Now that i got that off my chest, this is really good music as most of you might agree on.

NIN Official Site

Sounds of My Soul 4