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Sounds of My Soul

This is a gathering of some of my favorite music. It is a somewhat odd collaboration of different forms of rock. I hope you enjoy, and if you would like to learn more, I will get links for most, if not all, of them.

Please visit my brother's site on's very good...

Chance's Music


This is Nila, an Arizona local band. Their music varies by song. Some songs are hardcore, other more like alternative. I love them and highly recommend them. From left to right: Joe C., Katie, Josh, Joe L., and Joe.

Nila's MP3s

Nila's Official Site


Deicide is a somewhat popular death metal band. They have been around for more then ten years. They are extremely evil and I love their evilness...

Official Deicide Site


Opeth is a wonderful progressive metal band. They are not as hard as Deicide, but they are just as good. They are somewhat soothing and relaxing...even depressive at times. They are awesome though.

Opeth's Official Site

Sounds of My Soul 2