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An Enigma to the World

This is of course about myself. Always have to have that fucked up place for selfishness and this is mine. I am putting a little bit of information on here about myself, but as you can see by my nick name, I choose to keep to myself for the most part. If you have any requests for information you would like me to post(with-in reason), just email me and I'll do as I please with your suggestion.

Please participate in my quiz!

I did not create this survey...just answered some questions from it.

name: Mandi

nickname: Enigmatic Jello aka Lilith aka Spontaneous Babbling

place of living quarters: Black Canyon City, Arizona, USA

For personal reasoning, I will keep the physical aspencts of this site to a minimum.

height: 6’, as far as I know anyways…

eye color: green

hair color: burgundy at the moment


This is of course information about myself that will never be of any use to you…so if you choose not to read it, I won’t be too entirely crushed.

color: green or blue

sneaker brand: Vans…soon I will no longer wear ‘sneakers’(Yay!)

food: very little

drink: peach nectar…anything to do with peaches is godly

book: ‘The Cannibal’, a book about Albert Fish…if you don’t know who he is, leave!

movie: no one movie could take all greatness

animal: rats are awesome

brother: indeed

what is his name: Charles…also known as Chance and ‘The Chuckster’

winter or summer: Winter.

spring or fall: both

cat or dog: couldn’t choose

house or apartment: house

devil or GOD: Satan loves you!!! And I love him…

blue or red: blue

mall or house: ummm…fucking question…if I liked the mall, would I be sitting here doing this shit?

money or family: family

mom or dad: no comment

phone or internet: yet another idiotic queery…

tv or movie: movie

water or soda: water

long hair or short hair: long

fav. number: 8

car: I own nor want anything but to keep my feet

what's under your bed?: ummm...jesus…or hitler…can’t remember

LOL...I laugh to myself. After telling you all of this information, I can guarantee you still know nothing of me...